February 9, 2006

It’s been over a month since I got back from my trip and I still haven’t finished my travelogue. *hides* I promise I’ll get this thing done before my next trip to Japan though~ *runs* XD

btw, I think the GC in my icon looks somewhat similar to the tower in this preview pix, LOL

warning: cold weather and lots of pictures behind cut ^^


That was the only thing my freezing brain could generate when I woke up with two thick blankets wrapping around me ^^” My first day with a single digit temperature (in celsius, I might add) began when we stepped outside the mansion door to see every thing in snow white color ^^ We spent our morning exploring Hokkaido University, where my friend went to school (she just graduated and will be moving to the southern part of Japan doing her post-doc thing, that’s why we’re planning for another trip next year, and I will pack light! XD).

My biggest problem of this trip, I couldn’t use my camera with my gloves on. After taking them off and putting them back on for more than several times, I gave up and put them away in my bag so I wouldn’t accidentally drop and lose them. -___-” *pets hands* Thank goodness I brought some hand warmers with me, it helped a LOT.

We walked around the University for a while, then went to lunch at the student canteen. If you’re thinking that I must have pervert thoughts when seeing two or more boys walking, playing, giggling, etc-ing together, you’re a psychic who could read my mind~ XDD

Around 2pm, we left the University and walked to Sapporo Snow Festival at Odori Park, which stretching over 12 blocks (1.5 km) from east to west in downtown Sapporo.

Old Government building with its chibi snow model.

The ice carving was very pretty, but it’s soooooo incredibly hard to capture its beauty ^^” I probably took 20-30 photos of ice sculptures, and I still don’t like any of them, LOL.

Even with 2 pairs of socks, walking on snow with temperature dropping below 5C was not fun at all. After only a few blocks, we bought some souvenirs and decided to go hide somewhere until the light-up time around 6-7pm.

The underground train stations were very nice. There’re so many shops and restaurants down there, and we really enjoyed watching teenager fashions too. Though I still couldn’t understand how girls could stand wearing mini skirts during this time of the year. And their school uniforms, the skirts were shorter than short! -___-”

We went to the Animate store to get some goodies, and I was literally broke by the time we left the store, LOL. After that, we had a quick dinner at the underground food plaza, bought some feet warmers, then reluctantly walked up the stairs to face the cold weather again ^^”

Ahhh, things looks much prettier with the colorful lights! ^___^ One of my friend called this above pix my ‘lucky shot’, since she believes that ‘7’ is a lucky number, and she tried to take a picture of the tower when it’s 7:07, but couldn’t make it. While I took the picture without paying any attention at the clock, and 7:07 was there ^^” She said I should be really lucky with that ^__~ (too bad, there’s no casino around for me to try my luck~ XD)

From late November to mid January of every year, another Festival called ‘White Illumination’ is held at Odori park. It was said to be very colorful. If you try google images, you’ll find a lot of beautiful pictures from this festival ^^

An Ice bar where you can order some hot drink and sit there enjoy the view of the festival.

These roses made me think of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera’ at the same time ^___^ Yes, the picture was out of focus, no matter from which angles I tried, lol

The live performance on this stage was fun! The crowd was dancing and singing along. And the singer was jumping up and down while singing too. I think that’s a really nice way to keep yourself warm ^__~

We didn’t have any group picture taken all day, so my friend asked a guy who’s standing right next to us to take a picture for us. He’s very nice and really helpful, but I think he could improve his photography skills a little. The picture we got was like a picture of our shadow with a super bright white castle as a background XD I like it though, artistic, just like all my blurry and weird lighting pictures. XD Photographer-san, domo arigato gozaimasu! ^^

Winnie the Pooh and friends were sweating, I bet Asami had just approached them about the brand new line of handguns *runs*

Wrapping up the festival with the winner of this year snow carving competition, Fighting Walrus from Canada.

After that, we caught a train back to my friend’s mansion, and literally passed out one by one after a shower. ^^”

end notes:

Forget about the cold weather I used to complain when we went to Kamakura and Hakone, this Sapporo is for REAL! *shivers* Lesson learned, we need to come up with a better plan to fight the cold weather! Hand warmers were life saviors~ But those feet warmers didn’t really work, I thought I lost my feet as they’re too numb to feel anything~ XDD


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