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February 11, 2006

Since the heat wave (along with stupid RL) has been attacking all of us quite hard during the past few days (weeks?), I shall bring us back to winter time in Japan! My apologies for taking sooooooooooooo long to update! It’s been .. what.. almost only 6 months since I came back! XDD

warning: A day of doing nothing but eating, shopping and being silly! You can skip this day and wait for day 9 which will come with all the actions (aka snow!).

After fighting the penguins cold weather yesterday, we decided to take it easy and let our immune systems rest for a day. Still, I woke up around 6:30am since it was cold and I needed to pee (TMI? XDD *runs*). Anyway, we’re all up and ready around 9:30am. The plan for the day was to go get a new pair of shoes for one of my friends. She broke hers the previous day from crashing/smashing (in other words, falling down) the extremely slippery icy snowy floor for quite a few times ^^” She’s noticed it the night before when we got back to my friend’s mansion and her socks were wet.

So, it’s a shopping time! XD

Three hours later, before my friends even got her new pair of shoes, we were all carrying too many shopping bags in our hands already XDD I didn’t even want to think how much I spent that day ^^” My credit card was probably almost no longer readable after these heavy usage LOL. My friend finally found a pair of shoes she liked, to everyone’s relief, since we’re dead starving at that time. So, we decided to have this yummy pepper steak for lunch.

It came raw in a hot plate, and by the time the plate cooled down, the meat was pretty much fully cooked. There’re 3-4 kinds of sauces available on the table that goes pretty well with the meat. *drools*

As it was a Valentine’s season, my friend had to find some cute chocolates for her poor boyfriend who didn’t get to spend this season of love with her because of evil friends like us. ^^ (heck, he lives in another province anyway, and they got to see each other right before we arrived in Japan as he helped her pick a new apartment in another city — I think I sound confusing here ^^” oh well, my friend has graduated and moved from Sapporo to Kumamoto to start her post doc thingy in March, so she had to go there in early Feb to search for an apartment.)

Anyway, Japanese people were crazy during V-day time! XDDD LOTS and LOTS of girls/women/oba-san were out there buying these cute chocolates. My friend told me that it was (sort of) an obligation for girls to give chocolates to guys (ie. dad, boss, teacher, co-workers, friends, etc etc). I couldn’t remember what she called this kind of chocolate though ^^” *smacks memory*

I had a lot of fun taking these pictures! There were soooooo many kinds of chocolate. The packaging was superb! I was like “OMG! This one is so cute! OMG! Look at that one!” and then I realized, “dang! no BF! no need to buy these goodies!” XDDD

Next, we ended up in a game arcade, where there’s a TON of evil sticker machines! *giggles* We were crazy enough to change into student sailor uniforms (and I must say this, the skirt was WAY TOO SHORT! Think Sailor Moon! XDD)

If you see the above picture, you’re the chosen ones to witness some of our silliness! *runs*

We then got ourselves together and finally came out of the building to face the cold weather again. My friend took us to Susukino, where we could get a lot of souvenirs at a cheaper price *cheapo cheapo* Most of them were chocolates and cookies that only have in Sapporo/Hokkaido area ^^

Then, we walked a couple blocks to one of Sapporo landmark, the Clock Tower. The weather was getting colder and colder and colder, my hands were shaking all the time. I pressed my shutter more than a dozen times from this angle and this is the only presentable one! Plus, almost all those ones that have us in the pix came out blurry XDD

We took a cab to Sapporo Biergarten, hoping with all our tummies to taste the famous Genghis Khan-style barbecued lamb and the freshest Sapporo beer.

One thing we totally forgot, it was a festival time, and seemed like everyone in this town came to this place! When we got there, there was a long line, very very looooooooooooooooooong line outside the building. We looked at one another for a few minutes, then decided to have bento for dinner since we had to go catch a train to Abashiri at 10PM so we couldn’t wait for the yummy lamb *sniffs* Another bento! >__<”

The funniest thing of the day was that when we’re back in the supermarket looking for bento, there was a sweet/creamy/buttery smell all over the place. One of my friend and I caught that scent first, so we actually were sniffing and walking around for a while until we found a Chuex Cream store. OMG! These cream puff were sooooooo incredibly good *drools*

We hurried back to my friend’s place, took a shower, packed our backpacks, and caught a train to Sapporo station, waiting for a JR train to our next adventure in Abashiri.

end notes:

Feel a little cooler? XD It took me so long to write about this day, basically because there’s nothing much to write about besides shopping and eating ^^ Anyway, I finally finished this and am ready to move on to the coldest part of this trip! Please stay tune~ *hugs*


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