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October 12, 2006 | 2006-japan, photo, trip |

February 12, 2006

Surprise!! I’m back with my travelogue! (Anyone’s still waiting for me to finish this thing? XD) This time I’ll be taking you guys to the coldest day of this trip, grab your jacket and follow me back to Japan! ^^

warning: silly alert! ^__~ seriously long with a lot of pictures, I’m sorry for the loading time. I was thinking about splitting this post in 2 parts, but didn’t want to break my pattern of one post per day, so gomen ne~ ^^”

Today was a little special, instead of the usual single word, our day started off with two words:

LOL, after about 7-8 hours train ride, having fun turning one famous all time favorite Thai saga into a yaoi story with our interpretation before falling asleep, we were kicked out of the warmth of the train to face the freezing wind outside at 6am. OMG! My face hurt! It must have been at least -15C out there. From Abashiri train station, we’re heading to Abashiri Royal Hotel to take a bath. According to the map, it supposed to be only 5 minutes Japanese people walk, which would be about 7-8 minutes normal people walk, but it turned into a painful 15 minutes walk that felt like hours on the icy snow! >__<“”

It obviously didn’t stop me from taking pictures with my shaking hand since it was a really beautiful sight, everything covered in white, while the sun started to rise.

We finally crossed the bridge and arrived at the hotel, paid 500 JPY to use the indoor onsen. I have to point out that I was’t familiar with seeing my friends naked, LOL but we did get used to it in no time XD After a bath, we walked back to the station, stopped by Lawson convenient store to buy something to eat. It’s the first time I tried oden (I tried diakon, cabbage roll, fried tofu and tsukune) which was an absolutely perfect dish for this kind of weather.

Killing time by taking more pictures, the next thing we realized was the bus we needed to take was already at the bus stop.. oops! if we missed this bus, we had to wait for another half an hour so.. RUN! XDD Running on the icy snow was definitely not my favorite thing, but it did keep us sweating and warm though LOL

15-20 minutes later, we arrived at Okhotsk Ryu-Hyo Museum (I didn’t even try to pronounce the name of this place LOL). As far as I recalled from what my friend explained to us, every winter, arctic drift ice will make its way down to Okhotsk Sea (which we were going to see later).

Anyway, that’s not why we’re here at the museum, but this Clione (Sea Angel) was! They’re really really tiny and it’s fins (wings?) were flipping ALL THE TIME! They were flying/swimming up and down in their tanks, and believe me, these creatures were moving too fast, I spent a good 15 minutes standing right in front of the tanks, taking 50+ photos and only a few came out ok (12 came out with only blue color, clione fleed the scene! LOL) -___-”

Unlike hyperactive clione, these tiny Pusenko fish just stayed still for the portrait photo XD It’s really tiny, probably about 2cm or shorter, but very cute!

We then walked in to a room where they kept arctic ice samples, the temperature in the room was about -17C. Before we walked in, the attendant gave us some wet towels, telling us to keep swinging them inside the room, which we did (along with taking pictures with the other free hand XDD what a talented group we were LOL). Before we left the room, the towels were frozen already. I think it’s kinda cool ^^

After that, we walked upstairs to the second floor to see the arctic ice exhibition / video presentation, my poor friend had to translate everything for us all the time ^^” *hugs her*

Next, we arrived at the souvenir shop, OMG! the clione souvenirs were sooooo UGLY! seriously incredibly UGLY! >__<” I couldn’t believe it that Japanese people couldn’t come up with anything decent for this extremely cute creature! *grumbles* We really couldn’t bring ourselves to buy anything since it’s freakingly ugly, bleh! ^^”

So, we abandoned the shop, and climbed the stairs to the viewpoint on the 3rd floor. Aha! the shop up here was more interesting with food XDD So, we stopped here for our brunch with tuna mayo maki, dried salmon, Twix and a bottle of sake, just to keep ourselves warm! XDD

Despite the sun, the weather was very cold and windy outside, so we ran out, took a group picture at the viewpoint (hmmm where’s that picture?, I couldn’t remember whose camera we used), and ran back inside.

After buying some postcards, we went to play innertube sled (free with admission ticket to the museum LOL) for a round, then headed to our next destination (by bus, of course XD) Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples. There’s an exhibition of native people costumes, equipments, arts and crafts. I thought the natives were called Inu, but I’m not quite sure since inu = dog? probably Ainu then? *is hopeless with Japanese but 100% obsessed with two Japanese idols XD* Anyway, we’re not allowed to take pictures inside ^^” (surprisingly enough, I was able to hold myself back, unlike at Ghibli museum LOL)

This poster had to be one of the most adorable things on earth ^^

Next, we caught another bus to go see aurora and arctic ice ^^ It was about lunch time when we arrived at the port, so we went straight to the canteen and ordered some udon. Wisely, I chose tempura udon, and almost pulled my head hair off, no meat no meat! how could I survive without meat!? Tempura spirit wouldn’t do!! grrrrr!!!

There was still some time left before our boat leave the port/dock, so we walked to a small winter festival about 5 minutes away. Have I mentioned again and again that it was really really cold? XDD. Seriously, we looked just like a gang of bank robbers with a couple of scarves, hats, gloves, and all for each of us. I’d never put so many pieces of garments on like this in my life. ^^”

Well, you know me, pervert as I am, the first thing that caught my eyes at the festival was this booth. Need I explain more? LOL *runs*

We decided to feed ourselves again since the udon we had earlier wasn’t enough! First stop was this oyaki booth, hmmmm, smelled really nice and tasted extremely good too! ^__^

I still insist that ice sculptures were the hardest thing to take pictures, I could never catch the stunning details I saw with my eyes, so I gave up after several attempts (plus, my hands were frozen already). XD

No taking picture, it could only mean one thing: more food! LOL Takoyaki is LOVE ♥

Tada! The second highlight of the day: Aurora. We took a ride on the ferry/boat/ship (whatever it’s called XD) to go out and see the drift ice from the arctic with a high hope that we might be seeing aurora (in the middle of the day, how wise? XD)

Here’s what we saw ^^” and believe me, being ouside the cabin was a nightmare! I thought my ears would fall off even with my earmuffs on. It was THAT cold. -___-”

About an hour later, tons of pictures taken, lots and lots of birds (which reminds me of a story about birds attacking human I read when I was a kid LOL, scary ne~), and I was stupid enough to forget about the sunset!!! >__<” dummy! I was running around chasing after these birds (not really, they’re everywhere, but I just wanted to get more clear shots of them), and by the time I realized, the sun was almost completely gone T___T what a failure! no aurora, no sunset, no seals, and tons of blurry birds *sniffs*

uh oh, wait a minute, I just noticed something when we walked off the boat, Aurora and Aurora II was the name of the boats!! ROFL! Holy cow! When my friend booked this tour, we all thought that we’re going to see aurora LOL We still thought that until we saw the boat’s name XDD so actually we acheived something, we DID see AURORA! Here’s the proof! LOL *runs*

Exhausted beyond repair, we caught a bus back to the train station to get our backpacks, then caught another bus to the hotel, got off the bus and walked uphill for 20 minutes to realize that we were at the wrong hotel XDDD Our hotel was right next to the one we climbed up to, and of course, there’s no walk way between the two T___T 40 minutes later, we finally arrived at Hotel Viewpark, what a relief! After checking in, first thing we did was heading to the onsen, a long hot bath was soooooo incredibly refresing. ^___^ It was my first time wearing a yukata, and I swear, no matter how I tied it, it bacame loose in no time LOL

We then went to dinner, it must have been at least 20 things prepared for each of us: sashimi (amai ebi, makuro, salmon, another thing I couldn’t remember), shawan mushi, Alaska King crab, yaki sakana, salad, seafood miso soup, sake gohan, eka, somen soup, sage mono, chocolate cake, dango, some other desserts, and guess what, five bottles of sake! LOL (of course, just to keep ourselves warm! hehe..)

*giggles* and no, I didn’t remember all these names, I just asked my friend last night LOL and if you wonder what each dish is, please ask Ley! *runs*

Finally, we found our perfect crack combinations for this trip: futon, yukata, camera and four bakas! LOL After another bath *a pack of onsen addicted*, we started off with taking some portrait photos that quickly turned into a major silly night ^^”

Now! MY turn~ XD

*comes to a realization that I’m reversible! XDD*

30 minutes later, tummy ache from laughing non-stop, my camera froze, so we stopped our daily crack activities and went to bed.

end notes:

My goodness, it took me 6.5 hours to write about this day XDDD I can still remember the cold wind on that Aurora boat *shivers* Hand and foot warmers were no match for this cold weather. Anyway, I hope you somehow enjoy this little travelogue. ^___^ *hugs*


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