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October 13, 2006 | 2006-japan, photo, trip |

February 13, 2006

Another surprise!! Two post in one day, OMG soooooo unlike me ne? LOL Actually, this day was the day that I couldn’t remember much about. Part of it was because we didn’t do anything much besides sitting in the cab-train-bus-train XD Anyhow, I hope you’ll enjoy some of the pictures!

warning: quite a few pics as usual, nothing much going on since it’s a day of sitting, basically ^__~

*yawns* Guess what we did first thing in the morning after waking up ^^ Yup, onsen! LOL I told you, we’re addicted! After a bath, we went down to a breakfast buffet, both continental and Japanese styles. Spending a good hour there before heading back to our room to pack our stuff. On our way back, I found this cute little stand selling DANPA products! LOL, I’d never known that Japanese people play with words like this too XD (dictionary.com told me that it’s called spoonerism.) Knowing me, I could never resist stuff like this, so yes, I bought quite a few items including the curtain XD I’ve put it up in front of my bedroom, and since then, everytime my sister comes up to my room, she’ll say “Irasshaimase”, she thinks it made my bedroom entrance look just like a ramen stand. XDD

A view from our room.

After checking out, we called a cab to the Abashiri station, having one of the best soft serve icecream *drools* then hopping on JR Norokko line (aka slowest train on earth XD) to start out this sitting sight-snowseeing day.

Squid, anyone? ^^

Taking a picture while you’re on a train was actually interesting because you didn’t have a chance to walk back and take that shot again XDD

Quite some times later, we arrived at Shiretoko station to change to a bus. I didn’t remember much on this bus ride since I was asleep 75% of the time LOL All I could recall was seeing pretty mountains covered with snow, but couldn’t get a clear/sharp shot of them, so I went back to sleep *runs*

An hour later, we had to abandon our bus and hop on JR Hokkaido train (after another soft serve icecream too XD) from Shibecha to Kushiro (hopefully I wrote it down correctly and not the other way around LOL). The stream train was one of the most famous things of this area.

This time, we managed to get some dried squid before it was sold out, so we did some grilling thing, and man, this squid was really hard and sticky, my teeth hurt! XD

Around 5pm, we finally reach Kushiro. Having about 3 hours before catching another train back to Sapporo, we decided to go visit a seafood market nearby. They had all kind of seafood including sushi! One of my friend almost cried in joy since she really wanted to try super fresh sushi at the fish market for so long LOL

oh crab! XD

After the market, we went to a small mall to kill time, my friend told me to take a picture of Takki from Venus CD single (which is, by the way, a very nice and catchy song! Plus T&T in white suits are to die for *shamelessly promotes* XDD) because her memory card was full. I have to say it again that I wasn’t his fan back then! LOL Who would have thought that 8 months later, this guy and his aikata, Tsubasa, would own my soul and 80% of the stuff on my 500GB harddrive? XDD This was undeniably a shot of destiny! *runs*

We stopped at a small restaurant for a quick dinner before riding another train back to Sapporo. This shrimp-katsu curry rice was very yummy.

As well as this bloody fried rice XDD

And nope, we still couldn’t resist drinks from vending machine. LOL

We got back to my friend’s mansion around 11pm, exhausted but still kept on gossiping about some Thai arrogant newbie writers (who actually didn’t know the word ‘proper writing’ and ethics -___-“) until falling asleep one by one.

end notes:

I told you, it’s a day of sitting! LOL Alright, one more day and I’ll be ready for my next trip! Next is Otaru and it’s beautiful winter festival. Coming soon to your friend pages! *hugs*

Edit: How could I forget about my mini Japanese lesson on the train? XDD Thanks to my friend who couldn’t stand us teasing her about Velentine’s day with broken Japanese, so she decided to teach us some cute words.

mai niji anata ni aitai
anata no koto ga dai suki
mecha suki
wakai otoko mecha itai
mecha nemutai
mecha tsukareta
samui = cold (should have taught us this word since last week LOL) mecha samuiiiiiiiiii

well, I’m not sure that I remember the meanings correctly, so yes, I chose not to translate them XDD *cheater!*



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