I was so tempted to copy my post from last year, paste it here, and see if I will get caught. LOL

Alright, here goes:

I’ll be leaving for Thailand in less than 10 hours. It will be a long journey (11 hours to Japan, a couple of hours layover, and another 7 hours to Thailand) as always. I don’t like travelling by myself, but surprisingly enough, 95% of the time, I fly alone XD

This trip won’t be all packed like my Japan trip earlier this year, since I’ll be there for a month. Yes, a whole MONTH! Yippy~ ^___^ This is one good thing about changing job, I can take a longer break than usual before starting my new job, however it also sucks since I won’t be able to take a much needed vacation a little bit before christmas time *sniffs* I want to go THERE so bad so bad so bad, and you can ask Kat how bad it is! XDD *runs*

Anyway, I think I’d probably spend most of the time with my friends and family, enjoy eating, laughing, and simply spending quality time together. I can’t wait to be back home! Also, I already have 3 small trips planned out, so yes, you guys can expect photos bombarding from me again. XD

oh! and surprise surprise! I’ve finished packing my luggages! Normally, it wouldn’t get done until the last minute before I leave my house. So, this is quite an accomplishment for me! LOL

Last but not the least; non trip related, but I’m changing my layout in response to a special day. HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY, IMAI TSUBASA!! You share the same birthday with my dad, so I’m sure I will never ever forget your birthday no matter what! XD I would’ve wrapped Takki up as a birthday present for you if I could, but since I believe you already have him, I wish you all the happiness with your love ones instead! T(w)o You Fo(u)r You, on this special day and always! ^__^

Alright, I’d better catch some sleep before my flight time, so bye for now, everyone, I should be back soon!



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