October 21-23, 2006

Last time I brought you plenty of snow when the heat wave hit. This time I’m bringing you guys sunburn sunshine and warm weather from the eastern part of Thailand for this freezing cold winter! Isn’t my timing perfect? XD

warning: same old same old XD lots of pictures ahead, my apologies for the downloading time ^^” oh, and don’t forget your sunblock! LOL

Koh Kood is the farthest island from the coast of Trat. Its size ranks as the fourth of all Thailand’s islands or the second to Koh Chang in Trat. (mini vocab: Koh = Island)

The island covers an area of approximately 105 sq.km or 65,625 rai. It is 25 km in length and 12 km in width. Its natural features include mountains and plains where many streams originate and some become waterfalls. One famous waterfall is Nam Tok Khlong Chao flows all throughout the year. It is an ideal place for swimming, consisting of 3 tiers; the upper two tiers are running streams and the lower one is a large pond. In 1911, King Rama VI paid a royal visit to this waterfall and named it ‘Nam Tok Anam Kok’ to commemorate Ong Chiang Su. In addition; there are beaches with crystal-clear sea popular among visitors such as Taphao Beach, Khlong Chao Beach, Khlong Hin Beach, Phrao Beach, etc.

Accommodation with a private atmosphere is available for visitors at the inner sea of Koh Kood, and the other two islands, Ko Rat and Ko Mai Si, opposite to Koh Kood.

Most visitors to Koh Kood have to purchase a package tour offered by resort operators on Koh Kood at different prices that includes food, accommodation, and a boat fare. A boat for rent is also available apart from a ferry boat leaving Dan Kao Pier and Laem Ngob Pier.

[info from Captain Hook Resort]

Koh Kood is about 5 hours away from Bangkok, so we had to leave around 6am, in order to catch a speed boat to the island. I was sleeping pretty much all the way to Trat province. LOL We arrived at the private pier for Captain Hook and Peter Pan resorts around noonish, and 45 minutes later, we finally reached Captain Hook Resort on Koh Kood.


Unlike those fancy resorts, Captain Hook gave me a peaceful feeling as soon as I saw it. I fell instantly in love with this small place with blue sky, clear water, and white sand (well, maybe not THAT instant, since I was starving to death by the time we reached the island, so it was actually after lunch that I fell head over heal LOL).

This resort offered 3 room types:
A – with ocean view
B – with no view
C – for tent lovers

My friends and I shared an A room, so we highly expected an ocean view. Here’s what we saw from our balcony…..

ROFL! I bet they forgot to cut down some branches! I couldn’t even see the water if I wasn’t on my tiptoe! XDD I forgot the take pictures of our room, but here’s the outdoor bathtub ^__~ (You can see pictures of the rooms at the resort’s gallery page, there’s a lot of pretty pretty pictures there!)

Our first activity was going to Yai Kee Waterfall. It’s about 15 minutes away by this long-tailed boat. (The small huts you can see behind the boat were C-type room, where you can set up your tent there)

Local people house.

I didn’t take any picture at the waterfall since I was in the water pretty much all the time ^^; Basically, it was 15 minutes boat ride, then about half a mile walk uphill uphill uphill, then it involved some climing down-steep-hill, by the time we got to the fall, I was soaking wet already XD Swimming and floating for about an hour, we decided to leave the refreshing cold water behind and climbed the steep hill, walked downhill back to the tiny dock, waiting for the boat to take us back to the resort.


The rest of the afternoon was very relaxing, we were sitting at the deck in front of the resort, watching the kids swimming while reading books and having afternoon snacks/desserts. It’s totally different from my Japan trip where we’re walking/sightseeing all the time.

Dinner time came with a LOT of food! BBQ seafood, and steamed crabs, and lots of side dishes and vegetables *yummy*

A walkway at night.

We woke up early on Sunday so we walked around the resort and taking some pictures.

The water in front of the resort was interesting as it’s where fresh water from the river met sea water, resulted in a syrup-like texture, cold on top and warm underneath.

Our favorite spot.

We went out snorkling for 2.5 hours, that’s where the sun burn came. To think about it as a trade off for such a pretty pretty underwater scenery, I definitely have to say it’s worth the pain. XD

We came back for lunch, kayaking around the resort area for a bit then I started walking around taking pictures again LOL.

This one was my favorite shot of this trip.

No trip to the beach could complete without these trees XD

My seashell collage.

A shot from somewhere close to our room. I took it before running to the coast to watch the sunset without these bushes and branches.

duh, by the time I got to the viewpoint, it was cloudy and the sun was almost gone *sniffs*

Last day at the resort, we woke up early, swimming, kayaking and snorkling close to the resort by ourselves. The water and the sand on the other side of the island about a mile away from our resort was sooooooooooooo pretty.

Time to go home, here’s the last shot of this resort. Our room was between the first (that you almost couldn’t see) and the second huts from the left. LOL basically, you can say that we stayed in a jungle for 2 nights XD

Another hour on the speedboat, we got back to the mainland. It took us almost 7 hours on the way back to Bangkok as it was raining (plus we stopped at a couple of places to buy some souvenirs too ^^). Leaving the island since 1pm, I finally got back home around 10pm, passed out after taking a shower with a sweet (salty) dream of pretty Kood Island.

end notes:

Feel a little warmer? I totally wish you guys were there with me. It was such a nice trip, plus you can see at least 15-20 shades of blue water which were incredibly beautiful. This island is highly recommended if you’re looking for a peaceful natural place where you can just sit back and relax and enjoy doing nothing XD

The other thing I will remember about this trip was my poor little camera suffered a severe drop. Even though I always say that I want a new camera, I swear this time was an accident. -___-” Anyway, my silly camera was tough enough, only the battery cover broke, so now it looks pretty cute with a little band-aid on the bottom, that I have to keep changing everytime I change the battery XD


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