In less than 24 hours I’ll be leaving for Japan *is extremely excited*

The flight will take a little less than 11 hours. I’ll arrive at Narita airport around 4:30PM on Feb 5, Tokyo time. And the fun will begin!

I have to ride a train by myself from the airport (oh yes, with my suitcase), to Ueno station (1.5hours away from Narita), get out of the station, and find a way to the meeting point which is a big electrics/camera stores 3 minutes away from the station *if* I walk in the right direction ^^” The map isn’t much help as it’s all in Japanese, but I printed it out anyway. At least I can make tourist puppy eyes, and ask for help, right? XD

Wish me luck, and not lost! XD

ps. *grabs pom pom* GO SEAHAWKS!



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