May 24-25, 2007

After working almost 5 straight months without a single holiday break, this was definitely a running away trip XD

I started planning for this trip right around February when Avex announced additional shows for T&T concert. At first, I wanted to go to Yokohama since it’s cheaper (ticket-wise) but it’s the final week of my quarterly business plan update so I wouldn’t be able to make it. Which I’m so glad, since Osaka gave me a T&T hug! LOL

My friend, A-san, was the biggest help. She took care of everything from hotel to bus to shinkansen reservations. *hugs A-san* Thank Bhudda, she said YES when I asked her to go to T&T concert with me LOL


I told my family I wanted to go to Japan for T&T concert, and they basically just shook their heads, but mum finally said ‘if you’re going, you’d better make it worth, take a few days off and do some sightseeing too!’ So, I went to my boss, asked if I could take a couple of days off, and he simply said Yes *bounces* holy cow, I love the work-life balance motto of our company! XDD Yatta! I could be in Japan for 8 days! (in fact, only 7, since I lost 1 day battling with timezone warrior) And by flexing my schedule like crazy, I’d only miss 2 days of work!! ^^

BUT life is never that easy yo! A-san had work to do, so she could be with me for only 3 days, weekend included. Oops, me who knows no Japanese should be panic~

However, A-san trusted my survival instinct, she believed I could take care of myself without being able to communicate in Japanese. Oh well… I did survive, huh? ^^”

I was struggling for a big while, hunting down plane tickets. My goodness, NWA charged over $1,000 for a roundtrip, so I had to resort to UA for the first time (hated their system BTW even though they’re flying a Boeing jet -___-) A flight from Seattle to Osaka would have cost me a fortune and involved several hours transiting in Hawaii, so I had to fly to NRT instead. Therefore, the next big hit on my credit card was Japan Rail Pass, then I was pretty much set and ready to go!

oh, not yet, dad was really worried about me traveling by myself (which I actually do all the time ^^” it’s an Asian dad thing! XD) to meet A-san in Osaka, so I had to rent a cellphone over there too. Being picky, I emailed several rental companies to see which kind of phones they offered before I made my reservation LOL (and I was so lucky I didn’t activate Cingular international service! Roaming fee would be a real killer!)

A-san and I talked about this trip every once in a while, where to go, what to eat do, but very very roughly, we really didn’t have a plan laid out like the last time I went to visit her in 2006. Basically, during the month of May, I’d been happily counting each day and couldn’t focus on anything at all ^^;

And as usual, I was packing till the last minute ^^v

– 10 hours of sitting –

Long story short, I arrived at NRT safe and sound, picked up my rental cellphone, exchanged my JRP, dumped my luggage at Tokyo station, went to kill a few hours at Akihabara, came back to shop at Tokyo station due to the rain, hopped on a very comfy night bus A-san reserved for me, slept all the way through Osaka, and finally met A-san early Saturday morning, did some tourist thing in Kyoto, came back to Osaka, spent hours kyaaaaaaa-ing over those heavy auction items I won during depression period over x’mas break through January, and finally fell asleep while still talking about Takitsuba XD

How about a little longer version?! LOL
My first excitement of the trip!!

Catching a NRT express to Tokyo station, it took me a big while to find the place to go pick up my night bus ticket. Everything looked good. I forced my luggage into a locker and made my way to the platform, just to realized that I lost my bus ticket!

WT*!? It’s not even 20 minutes yet and I lost my ticket already?! *sweats* Panic, I went back to the ticket counter, trying to explain to the dude about the situation in English, but he didn’t get it. Thank GOD for the rental cellphone, I called A-san, she talked to the guy, and I finally got a replacement ticket. (A-san kept teasing me throughout the entire trip about this mishap ^^”)

Then one fact smacked me right on my forehead:

“Holy crap! At this rate, I’m going to lose my JRP by the time I reach Osaka >__< “

*runs around like a headless rabbit*

This made my anxiety attack worse about my ticket and JRP, I had to check them every 5-10 minutes that it’s still there in my messenger bag ^^”

But that didn’t hold me back from going to colorful Akihabara though.

Expecting to find some nice DJs, I walked into a couple of the seemed-to-be 2nd hand manga stores, but had to run out almost ASAP when I hit the first shelf full of H mangas and magazines and videos…ouch… +___+

That’s it, I should limit myself to electronics store from now on! I saw a lot of cool electronic gadgets that I really wanted (but not needed XD) but bailed myself out of those purchases since I needed every single Yen available to survive this trip ^^”

I picked a small restaurant in that area, and had a very nice seafood pasta for dinner, then caught a train back to Tokyo station since it started raining harder, and I’m not a big fan of carrying an umbrella ^^;

Back at Tokyo station, I went down shopping to kill some time. Coincidently enough, when I walked into the first drug store I saw, X-Dame was on the radio! *destiny!* I was grinning like a lune and bought some stuff I didn’t even need, just because. ^^”

A few hours later, I was waiting in line to get onto the night bus. OMG! It was so hectic!! Tons of people and tons of buses, C.R.A.Z.Y.!! I was like, oh boy, how would I know which bus I should get my butt on?! I kept asking the bus boys several times that they actually came to drag me to my bus when it arrived! Arigatou! xDD

The bus was really nice, seats are big and comfortable! I gave A-san (who’s on another bus heading for Osaka too) a call telling her that I got on the bus safe and sound.

A few more hours of survival instinct and I’d get to be with A-san, my life savior! YAY!!!

Oyasumiiiiiiii~ *zzZzzZZzz*


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