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May 26, 2007

*cries a river* This day marked the first time in EON that I didn’t get to take a single shower for over 36 hours!! T________T For a girl who takes a shower twice a day, that’s half-way to hell!!!

Long story short, I met A-san at the bus terminal. YAY! ^^ We then walked over to a full service internet cafe (the one that you can sleep over during the night, having books, games, food, etc etc..) so I could take a shower. One thing we didn’t know, we had to sign up for the bathroom, which we (aka A-san) finally realized after sitting there waiting for a BIG while. Since we didn’t want to waste our precious time, we decided to just satisfy with quick cleaning ourselves up in the lady’s room…. >”<

Anyway, we dumped our stuff at the hotel, got some breakfast then caught a train to Kyoto! ^^

About forty minutes later, we arrived at Kyoto station, then walked around for a while before locating the visitor center. There was an obaa-san there, seemed like she’s a volunteer and she could speak English too.

At first, the obaa-san assumed that A-san was Japanese, so A-san told her that she’s Thai. Then the obaa-san looked at me and said “but this girl is Japanese?” A-san told me what she said, so she got another no from me for an answer~ (it was quite a joke actually, a Thai girl with US citizenship who looks like a Japanese but couldn’t speak or read anything besides Thai and English LOL what a combo dish I am. XD)

After setting the record straight, she started explaining the map and tourist hotspots in English, which is a pain for A-san as she prefers J over E anytime ^^ but I was extremely grateful!!! m(_ _)m

We bought decided to go to Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) first. Without A-san I’d be even worst than a lost tourist LOL Their bus system was quite simple but confusing at the same time ^^”

There’s a lot of tourists and students at Kinkakuji. We took some photos and walked around for a while. The real thing is very very bright golden color. I wondered how often they have to re-paint and wash/clean it? LOL

I tried a 100yen fortune telling, which came out Excellent over all, however, I should pay attention to “Travel” part .. HOLY COW!!! This did not help my anxiety attack about possibility of losing Japan Rail Pass at all >__<“”

Next, we took a bus to Kinkakuji (Silver Pavilion) which was basically on the other side of the city. From the bus stop, we also had to walk uphill to the temple.

Admission fee at Ginkakuji was slightly more expensive than Kinkakuji, and when we were inside, the question that popped up at the same time from both A-san and I was: “Where the heck is the Silver Pavilion?!” because what we saw was this….

urrr… excuse me? Which part of this thing is silver?! We kept asking each other back and forth for a while… oh well -“- However, other parts of this temple was pretty cool, very nice settings ^^

We then left Ginkakuji and took a bus one more time to Kiyomizu Temple. However, we got off the bus before we reached Kiyomizu station, because the obaa-san at visitor center told us to get off the bus at Kyoto kaikan bus stop, then walk to Kiyomizu, that way we could enjoy the scenery to the max. Oh yeah, to the max T__T Obaa-san said it was about 30 minutes walk, but reality was always worse than what you expected! It was a SUPER LONG walk from this torii to Kiyomizu!!! T____T

We were so freakingly hungry, but food in that area was so expensive…..keep walking…..

eloping couple XD

Finally we reached Kiyomizu area, lots of people, stores and FOOD!!! What did I order? I couldn’t remember! LOL

Ahh, we felt much better after the meal, so we continued our journey to Kiyomizu Temple. The weather was super nice but proved super hard to take photos as I didn’t know how to play with white-balance etc etc at that time…. OVER OVER and OVER exposures! yikes! >__<”

Anyway, TONS of people there because Kiyomizu was one of the finalists for the next World Heritage (new 7 wonders?) spot.

Bird eye view of Otowa no takizawa, waterfall where visitors drink for health, longevity, and success in studies

Ahhh I saw this stone (or these stones) in so many mangas! It’s so nice to see it for real this time! The Famous Love Stone!! ^__^ Basically, there are two stones like this, probably 50 feet apart, you have to close your eyes, and walk from one to the other. If you can touch the other one, I guess you’ll have a happy love life. TONS of students were at this when we were there ^^ and No, A-san and I didn’t try it! LOL

Plus, in fact, I was more interested in this…. LOL

We finally walked over to the famous tourist spot and took some pictures, A-san kept telling me about how beautiful it would be during Fall season….. (yes, this was the first spark for my November trip! LOL)

At first, A-san planned to take me to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine so I can see a torii gang ^^” but we had to go back to Osaka to check in to our hotel, plus we were tired from walking already, so we took a bus back to Kyoto station then caught a train back to Osaka. I dozed off all the way, luckily, A-san was an angle so she woke me up (though the ebil other part of her was thinking about letting me ride this train to wherever the last station was ^^”)

Once we got inside our room, the first thing I did was taking a shower, OMG HEAVEN!!! LOL A-san was like.. well, we’re going out again ne, why don’t you take a shower when we get back? … But I can’t wait no longer!! XDD

We went to Namba station and lost sense of directions for a while until we found Glico giant board and store YAY! (well, hit me, I didn’t even notice Shochikuza Theater back then ^^”) We were thinking about having Osaka-ish food for dinner, and takoyaki too, but we ended up at a korean restaurant, having yakiniku instead XDD

Back to the hotel, I started unpacking all my auction items I won earlier this year and had them all sent to A-san to save on shipping ^^” It was the first time in my life that I realized how heavy magazine clippings could be!! XDD A-san couldn’t pack them all in her luggage, so she had to mail some of them to our hotel ^^” *hugs A-san* Anyway, drooling over T&T old pamphlets and photos and FC bulletins was a heavenly touch of the night!! ^__~

Definitely can’t wait for tomorrow!!!


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