May 27, 2007

Yay!! Big day! I was so excited!

A-san and I went to Osaka-jo hall since 9:30ish that Sunday morning, since we didn’t want to wait in line to get goodies. On the train over there, we tried to judge who else on the train was going to the con with us LOL Quite a few people were there early, we could see lots of Dame shopping bags been carried around.

Basically, it’s still early, so there’s no line, we got to the counter right away. A-san did all the ordering for me which involved, 3 Takizawa-san’s …, 3 Imai- san’s …., 5 Takitsuba’s …., and so on. OMG, it’s like a never ending purchase!! I almost fainted when I saw the total~! XDD A bunch of Yen notes flying out of my pocket, while I got a yard-long receipt in return. A-san couldn’t stop giggling, saying I was crazy… well, I can’t argue with that LOL I looked like a lunatic carrying all the stuff walking downstairs (*hails to JE no free bag at the concert policy!* lol) while A-san took a picture of me xD Anyway, we found a shaded spot to sit down and pack everything into my backpack. A-san was like, are you sure? it’s going to be heavy na~ We were thinking about dumping my backpack in a locker at the station, but on a second thought, nah, I would have been paranoid all day, thinking about my abandoned backpack and all the goodies inside, so I chose to let my shoulders suffered instead XD (too bad, I didn’t take a picture of everything I bought that day before mailing them off LOL)

Several hours left to kill, so A-san and I went to Osaka Castle to be good tourists (along with those Korean and Chinese tourists). Too bad we didn’t have enough time to go inside the castle. Of course, Takki and Tsubasa were our priority here! LOL


We decided to have early lunch, tonkatsu-don there was very yummy!! (well, once you’re happy, everything is tasty huh? LOL)

We walked back to Osakajo Hall area, met Nere, then got ready to go inside!! ((I’m not gonna copy everything over here, you can read it all at my concert report posts ^^))

[[First show]]

After the first show, we came out, had a box of not so yummy takoyaki for snack, I started sending out emails to my friends like crazy, they were something like this…

OMG Tsu! Shirtless! OMG! Takki! Ki.Se.Ki was sooooo beautiful!!! OMG! Diamond! OMG HIPS! OMG!!! I’m going to die during the second show, we’re going to be in the ARENA area!! *faints* I couldn’t remember a thing! It’s all mixed up in my head!

yeah, something like that *LOL*

I was trying to jot down some notes, but oh man, it was all a big blurry picture. They totally blew me away!


[[Second show]]

The rest of the night was even more blur! My brain was so fried.. OMG THEY HUGGED! OMG OMG OMG!!! XD

We went back to the hotel after a dinner at Yodobashi Umeda, couldn’t stop fangirling about how cute and kakkoii they were. I was talking to A-san while playing with my recorder when the scariest thing happened


After that, we took some pictures of what we bought, and finally went to bed.

Anyhow, I still couldn’t believe that Damecon had come to an end. My first T&T concert had come to an end. When will I have a chance to come see them again? Of course, it’s not that hard to go to Japan, but it’s not that easy either, especially with work and responsibilities and all.

One thing I know for sure, I’m so glad I’ve become their fan :)

I knew from the beginning that I was going to be lovesick beyond repair, but the real feeling was even worst than hell. Less than 3 hours after the concert, and I’ve missed them so much already. It’s like a part of me was missing and I could feel a hole inside myself at all times. I’ve learned that the lovesickness would eventually get better, but at that point of time, all I could think of was Takki and Tsubasa, reliving my concert experience, everything I heard, everything I saw, these things will forever be with me

♥ Thank you, Takitsuba, for such a wonderful memory! YOU BOTH ARE LOVED! ♥


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