May 28, 2007

We went back to the concert… LOL I’m just kidding, but the feelings of the concert were still all around us.

At first, our plan was to go explore Nara. However with limited time, and quite a few things left on agenda, we decided to go to Houryuuji Temple in Nara only. It took us about 40 minutes from Osaka to Houryuuji station. From the station, we chose to wait for a bus instead of walking 20 minutes to the temple.

Houryuuji is Japan’s first world cultural heritage as it’s the oldest surviving wooden structures in the world (more than 1300 years old). [[More info on Houryuuji]]

It was during weekday, so there were not too many tourists there. Most of them were students on their field trip.

Two guardians of the temple

open mouth – as if pronouncing ‘A’, the first Japanese character

closed mouth – as if pronouncing ‘-n’, the last Japanese character

We walked around outside and found super cute kittens!! Probably 3-4 of them. SOOOOO CUTE! Most of them ran away when people approached, but this particular kitten can be a star!

Admission fee was 1000 yen and we were able to view 3 sections of the temple, Saiin Garan, Daihozoin (Gallery of Temple Treasures) and Toin Garan.

Saiin Garan had a lot of interesting wooden structures from the Main Hall, Five-Story Pagoda to Great Lecture Hall and Bell House.


At this Great Lecture Hall, we donated some money to help the temple roof maintenance :)


Our next stop was Daihozoin, there’s a lot of ancient stuff and stories behind all those. A-san and I really enjoyed it, as we tried to come up with stories by reading bits and pieces from the name plates and pamphlet. Lots of Indian (Hindi?) names that we tried to convert back into Thai and match them with what we learned in school LOL too bad they didn’t allow us to take pictures.

We spent quite a while inside the gallery before we walked over to Toin Garan, took a couple more pictures and headed back to Osaka.

Once in Osaka, we went to Shinsaibashi as A-san was bound to take me to Johnny’s shop! LOL Oh boy, the shop itself was a far cry from what I had imagined! It’s hiding somewhere in a labyrinth, very tiny and had nothing besides pictures on the walls! well, alright, and some goodies. Only a few fans in there, no line! XD

my first ever YELLOW bag! (and many more to come! LOL)

After that, we went for lunch at a buffet pizza place, then went shopping for a big while. And it’s purikura time! (hmmm where did I keep them?…..)

Nothing much after this, we went back to our hotel to get our bags, then walked over to another hotel that I had to stay by myself tonight as A-san was going back to Kumamoto at 10pm.

THANK YOU, A-SAN!!! For such a wonderful time together! I really enjoyed this trip and without you, none of these would have happened!!!

That night, I dug out all concert goodies, shop photos, and auction items to keep me company, while listening to Takitsuba’s voice until I fell asleep.



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