[Japan 2007] Harajuku

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May 29, 2007

A day of nervousness! XDD

First time in Osaka by myself, I had to go from Osaka to Shin-Osaka station then catch a shinkansen to Shin-Yokohama. Knowing my sense of directions, this was pretty scary!!

Dragging my heavy luggage along, I’ve managed to get to shin-osaka without any problem. Checking probably 20 times for the right shinkansen track ^^” then went to buy a bento box for lunch on the train.

Sitting on a train could be boring, but I kept myself awake and finally, FINALLY I saw Fuji-san!! YES YES YES YES YES!! No, it was not a revenge I was talking about from my last year failure at Hakone, but this would do for the time being! weeeheeee~~ ^___^

I arrived at shin-yokohama station, then used my sign language to ask for a direction to my hotel. I couldn’t check-in yet, so I just left my heavy luggage and backpack there, and returned to the station to get a map.

Yuki-kun called me a little after that, I told Yuki I wanted to go to Johnny’s shop in Harajuku (well, at that time I strongly believed that shop goodies in different places should be different! LOL) So, we met up at Higashi-Kanagawa station as Yuki wasn’t sure if I could make it to Harajuku by myself XDD (man, I must have sounded really lost on the phone!) It was the first time we met, that’s why Yuki picked such a small station, so we could spot each other easily ^^

At Harajuku, we crossed the street to the shop and found a LONG line there o_O” I was like.. what is this? So Yuki told me that this is pretty normal at JE Harajuku shop, a long waiting line -__-” and in case you’re wondering where on earth we were!

Great chance to get to know each other better. Yuki told me a lot of cute stuff from T&T Yokohama concerts, and also showed me the new icon for Takiren (yeah, that drawing of super cute ebil chibi Takki). We talked a lot about T&T and life in general. It was really fun ^^ We were standing in line for about an hour before it’s our turn to go to the shop.

Oh man, more line! We had to go downstairs to look at KT and other juniors photos first, no! I just want Takki and Tsubasa!!! LOL We finally got to go upstairs, I got more T&T pictures that were sold out at Osaka shop, waited in another line to pay, then we’re out of there. It took us probably 2 hours in total, wow, this place was scary!! LOL

We sat and chatted in front of the shop for a little while longer before walking back to Harajuku station. That was when I realized that Yuki actually lived North of Harajuku but went all the way to Higashi-Kanagawa to picked me up *in tears* THANK YOU, YUKI-kun!! (or to be in trend, Yuki-chan!!!! xD)

I went back to the hotel, checked-in, and found out that my room was super nice! A-san booked a lady’s room for me, for safety purpose (I bet she was afraid I would go harass some guys in the hotel LOL). My room came equipped with internet, so that was the first time I got to go online in 5 days, and once my MSN was on, I found a screaming dialog box from Ling about what happened before that HUG XDD That was when I realized that T&T fanswere going insane about their MC. (Tsubaholic kindly had the translation up at her blog m(_ _)m )

Nothing much for the remaining of the night. I just studied some maps and train schedule (with A-san’s help, of course!) as I’ll be going to Asakusa in the morning!



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