May 31, 2007

Talked to a couple of friends on MSN, and realized that I was a bum for going to Harajuku but didn’t stop by Takeshita dori. After a quick consult with A-san, I decided to go to Harajuku again, just in case I could find some paparazzi photos from Dame Arena concerts ^^

So, I checked out, dragged my super heavy luggage to Shinagawa station and dumped it in a locker there before heading to Harajuku. This time, I didn’t go take a peek at Johnny’s shop waiting line as I decided I didn’t want to go there, buying same photos again, which turned out to be a wrong decision!!! They released new T&T goodies that day (and I realized it when I was back home already, damn sad T__T)

I’ve spent about 1.5 hours there, walking in and out of several dafuya shops. I bet anyone who’s been there before knew which one is the best! XD Anyway, after a while, I headed back to Shinagawa, got my luggage, and caught Narita Express to the airport.

After checking in, I found a comfy massage chair with a runway view, so I sat there and talked to A-san on the phone for a big while. Then I went to return my cellphone, and walked over to the gate.

I was listening to one particular song all the way home. It really was a surprise that my iPod lasted that long. ahhhh, Koi yo is love ♥

And that should conclude my trip to Japan in May 2007!!!


OMG I did it!!! I finished my travelogue! LOL


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