November 9, 2005

How did I forget to mention about paying $50 for overweight luggage? XD I didn’t know that since September 1st of this year, most airlines changed the allowance from 70 lbs to only 50 lbs per luggage. ^__^; At first I was so p—ed urrr.. upset since it didn’t mention anywhere on my flight itinerary, I was so mad that I thought about calling NWA to complained XD~ Eventually, my parents calmed me down, so that’s how I started out my trip, sounds like a good sign, eh? ^^”The first day of my trip was all about sitting in the plane. It’s the first time I was on an Airbus plane since normally international flight to Asia is operated by Boeing 747. Like I said in my previous post, Airbus 330 rocks, with all the movies, music and games right in front of me. (that’s the main reason I couldn’t get any sleep throughout my flight!!)There was 2.5 hours layover at Narita airport, so I walked around, surprisingly didn’t buy a thing (so unlike me, heh), maybe it’s because I was too tired and sleepy, that’s why I haven’t thought about shopping as my first priority. There’s also a bookstore at the airport, but too bad, there’s no yaoi stuff, so it couldn’t hold my interest for too long ;) One thing I like is, for a reasonable fee, you can get a real bed to sleep with a wake up call before your flight boarding time, isn’t it cool?

Six or seven hours later I landed in Bangkok, the first thing I saw when I walked off of the plane was the cute kitten you saw upfront. It’s an advertisement banner from a cellular phone service provider company, I believe.

The immigration process went fast and smoothly, and once I got my stuff and walked pass the customs, I found my aunt and my uncle waiting for me at the meeting/pick up area. yay! I’m finally HOME ^____^


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