Guess I’d better start off with some vocabulary

Chiang Mai = one of the provinces in northern part of Thailand. Used to be a capital city of Thailand (Siam) many many years ago.

Loi Krathong = a traditional festival performed on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month (second month for Lanna calendar), which usually falls on some day in November. The floating of a Krathong – a banana-leaf cup – is intended to float away ill fortune as well as to express apologies to the River Goddess.

The Loi Krathong Festival is celebrated nationwide in Thailand, especially where there are rivers, canals or sources of water, with different unique characteristics.

Yi Peng = a beautiful Lanna tradition comparable to Loi Krathong, happens particularly in Chiang Mai. Yi means two, and Peng means full moon in Lanna dialect, so Yi Peng simply means the full moon night of the second lunar month (in Lanna calendar). During this celebration, the balloon-like lanterns “Khom” are flown into the sys as a symbol of worship to Phrathat Chulamani in heaven.

This year, the main celebration occurred on November 16th (the festival was Nov 15-17, however, it actually started since Nov 9th, see, Thai people love to celebrate! XD~). I went to Chiang Mai on November 14th to visit my friends and traveling around. Here’re some pictures…. Tada!

warnings: lots and lots of photos behind cut

CM from up above, before landing

Doi Suthep

Doi SuthepDoi Suthep is a mountain, about 15 kilometers from Chiang Mai, with on it Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, a Holy Temple. After driving up the mountain to Doi Suthep area, there’re about 300 steps of stairs to climb to the top, which I cheated by riding a cable car ^__^;

The stairs I was talking about! Now you wouldn’t blame me for riding the cable car up ;)


Chedi Inside the chedi there are Buddha relics. The chedi is surrounded by four golden umbrellas “Chut” (below)

Buddha images for those who were born in Monday.


Momobviously this is not my Mum! LOL. Mom is a legendary/imaginary animal which said to be a riding animal for God of Rain.


motto?what you’ve got for free is old age
what you have to seek for is value of life

to let go is the way to reach peacefulness.

or somewhat like this ^__^;

Elephant camp

Elephant campI went to the camp to watch the elephant show. For only THB120($3), you’ve got to watch them play, show and paint for over an hour!

elephant paintings are up for sale for only THB2,000 ($50). All earnings are solely for their food, and shelter.

hand-made paper called Sa paper.

paper umbrella made from Sa paper, then hand painted every single one of them into different styles.

Khan Toak

Khan ToakLanna style dinner, customers are sitting on the floor, and food are served as a buffet with 5-6 selections. Personally, I think it’s more like an entertainment with all the shows the restaurant provided and the food isn’t that yummy ^^”



ok my hand was not still, but it turned out to be artistic, eh? at least I like it ^^”in the middle is the main bridge in CM, the lights on the sky were the floating Khom, and the lights in the river were the Krathong ^__^; (artistic artistic)

a fine restaurant with a great river view


KhomIt is believed that flying Khom is like flying away grief and ill fortune away from ourselves or our home. Khom are made of Thin bamboo structure covered by a special kind of local-made paper called Sa (very very thin type)

Khom can float upwards resulting from the heat from a torch tied to the bottom part of the structure

I caught a plane back to Bangkok on Thursday to attend my friend’s wedding on Friday and Saturday. So this is pretty much it for my trip to Chiang Mai, hope you enjoy the pix! (artistic artistic! XD~~) ^____^


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