The Floating Market, or Talad Nam is located at Damnoen Saduak district, Ratchaburi province, about 1.5 hours from Bangkok.

It’s a very attractive place for tourists to see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying food and other souvenirs from small boats.

Hundred years ago, people used to live near the rivers, so the main transportation was by boat. Most merchants/vendors would row their boats along the rivers/canals in an attempt to sell their products, mainly food and fruits.

Talad = Market

Nam = Water

The Floating Market
The Floating Market

You can rent a small boat for around $6-$10/hour (well, if you’re a Farang (it is what Thai people called a foreigner, hmm sort of Thai slang, I’d say ^^), the price would be much higher, so my advice is to keep bargaining ^^” or better yet, go with a Thai friend! XD) to ride around and experience traditional Thai way of life, old houses, and much more ^__~

Of course, pricing is higher at the Floating Market, compared to the regular market. It’s a tourist attraction point after all! ^__^;

coffee lovers, this way please! Welcome to the café XD~

It might look very scary and not-so-hygienic to you guys, but old fashioned Thai style coffee is very good and tasty, really!! ^__^;

(I bet the US Health Department will be scared to death inspecting this café.. hehe)

the caves

the caves

afterwards, we went to several caves, which are very pretty, though it’s very hard to breathe in there since the air is thick, and the bat smell is on the opposite side of a fragrance. ^__^;; I took some pictures and had to run out of the cave for fresh air ^^”

At one of the caves we went to, the parking was free but we had to ‘rent’ this crocodile doll and place it on top of our car to prevent the monkeys from attacking our car! o__O” (ever heard a tale about monkey and crocodile?)

if there’re only these two monkeys…

or these two (are they the same as the above picture? I couldn’t remember ^__~), we wouldn’t pay for that doll ^^”

but in this picture was only about 5% of all monkey population there! XD

My friend almost rented 2 crocodiles just to be on the safe side ^^”

And then it started to rain, so we had to cut short our trip and drove back to Bangkok ^__~ Anyhow, we did have a great time, not to mention that my friend almost flipped the boat over at the market -___-”


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