I had a chance to go Nakorn Pathom with my friends. One thing to keep in mind, Thai people are crazy about food, so we drove for an hour and a half only to go to one local restaurant that my friend really likes ^^”

After lunch, we stopped by to pay homage to Phra Pathom Chedi which is oldest Buddhist monument in Thailand. It is located in a region where Buddhism was first introduced here in the fourth Buddhist century.

Pathom = first
Chedi = stupa, pagoda
Nakorn = city, town

Phra Pathom Chedi

The present shape of Phra Pathom Chedi differs from the original one which was that of an overturned bowl in the Indian stupa style.

On our way back to Bangkok, we stopped by at the was musuem “Thai Human Imagery Museum”

The most famous series was the Thai Buddhist Priests who had already passed away. These priests were highly respected when they alived.

The Princess Mother

The Princess Mother

In Thailand, the Princess Mother was affectionately called Somdet Ya (the Royal Grand Mother) as our King is like the Father of the country.

The Princess Mother passed away in 1995, reaching the high age of 94.

Somdet = Royal
Ya = Grandmother (from father side)

okay, one of them is not a wax doll, which one? *grins*

Aksa Road is said to be one of the most beautiful road in Thailand (^__^?) I took this picture right before it rained, so it looks a little gloomy, I think. The entire road is decorated with trees and the swan lamps.

NOTE:I didn’t take this picture ^^” I got it from a forward mail a while ago so I don’t know who I should give credit to ^^” but the road does look beautiful at night, eh? ^__~


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