“A-san, I wanna go visit you”

A simple statement from me to A-san in 2005 had led to a wonderfully fun-filled trip in February 2006. The four of us: A-san, I-san, T-chan and myself, had finally got together for the first time after talking over the internet for years. We fought the cold weather in Hokkaido while enjoying several famous snow/winter festivals in that region. It was a blast. What’s left from that trip was a promise that we’d go to Japan together again in 2007, and never ever again during winter time.

[– Earlier in 2007 –]

I-san: let’s go see cherry blossoms! It’d be fun!!
me: cannot, April is a big no no, I can’t go
I-san: ick, hmmm, ok, let’s go in summer instead, so we don’t have to carry too many clothing.
me: okie

As most of you may know, I ran away to Japan in May, I-san almost killed me. LOL

[– Approaching summer months –]

I-san: let’s go visit A-san in July
me: oh god no, I can’t. I told you I can’t go anywhere during the first six weeks of each quarter!
I-san: duh! How about late August/early September, 10 days!
A-san: hot ne~
T-chan: it’s up to you guys
me: not enough vacation left kana ^^”
I-san: *screams*
me: ok, this time for sure, November!! Fall season, leaves changing colors!!
I-san: sure?
me: definitely!
A-san: works for me too, I can take vacation during that time and it should be beautiful. But late November, red leaves might have fallen already… hmmm.. that’s okay, we can use those dried braches to hit her and use her blood to paint them red!
I-san: good idea!!
me: urr.. (x__X)
T-chan: *giggles*

So that’s how this trip started ;) A-san sent us an outline for this trip earlier in 2007, where to go, what to do, those kinds of things. We took a look at it again a little prior to our trip, with minor discussions, and some changes, we (99% A-san xD) came up with a detailed final plan.

The meeting date was set on Friday 11/23 at Osaka station.

I was debating myself for a big while about my departure date since I didn’t want to be by myself for too long. My expense calculation spreadsheet was a mess with all my feasibility studies (yes, we’re talking about a finance major here! LOL). In the end, I decided to leave on 11/20 *dropkicks timezone* so I can go to Nagoya before meeting with the girls.

As always, plane ticket to Osaka would cost me a fortune, so I ended up buying a roundtrip SEA-NRT ticket again. Along with that, I had to get a 14-day Japan Rail Pass since I’d be hoping Shinkansen a lot, so long another $400. T__T Coming from Thailand, I-san and T-chan had a much better option, plane tickets to KIX were cheaper, and they only had to get a 7-day pass. Lucky them.

BTW, when I asked my boss for this vacation, his first question was “going to a concert again?” ROFL!! oh boss, I WISH!!! XD

November 20-21, 2007

Packing was quite a challenge this time as A-san allowed us to bring only one carry-on luggage per person. Almost 2 weeks worth of stuff, fit in that tiny space…not easy, dumping everything at the last minute didn’t work very well, but I’ve managed! Almost forgot to bring my camera charger (which would be a real nightmare), so I had to drive back and forth between home and mom’s office, luckily I left early the first time ^^”

What’s wrong with NWA, they made us board the plane almost an hour prior to departure time. Hello? I was the last one, what an experience, having them call out my name and struggling with my last name! xDD

Here we go, my first time on an Airbus jet after I took an [Airplane Familiarization] class when I started working for Boeing. Knowing that there are soooooo many things that can go wrong with airplanes and how tiny little things can screw up everything was not a very comforting thought, I’m telling you! XD Anyhow, my flight was delayed for about an hour due to some ‘technical difficulties’ with one of the computing systems that they had to reload everything. Just great! >__<” Call me paranoid, because I was. I started calling my parents and some friends, telling them to watch for the news LOL

Luckily, the flight was not fully booked, so I’ve got both window and aisle seats to myself! YAY!!

Almost 10 hours later, the captain told us that we had experienced something called ‘a shortcut’, we when we landed, we’re only 30 minutes behind schedule, whatever~ LOL

I got through immigration and customs in no time, walked around a little bit before I found the rental cellphone desk. Surprisingly enough, the girl at the counter remembered me from my trip in May!! XD

Got my cellphone, exchanged JRP, caught NRT Express to Tokyo, then took a shinkansen to Shinyokohama station. A-san booked the same hotel I stayed at last time for me as she didn’t want me to go wandering around Nagoya at night since I’d never been there before.

Nothing much for the night, I went out to get some food, then came back and went to bed early since I’d be having a very early day ahead of me! ^__^


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