My first ever trip to Japan with my internet friends whom I never met before in RL. All our contacts prior to this trip were in the form of emails and MSN messenger only! XD It turned out to be a super nice and fun and crazy trip that we’re all really enjoyed it. Japan was very cold during its winter time, not to mention that we spent most of our time in Hokkaido! *shivers* But we all had such a great time together.

Day 1-2: off to a good start

Day 3: Kamakura

Day 4: Hakone – Mt. Fuji

Day 5: Mitaka – Ghibli Museum

Day 6: Sapporo Snow Festival

Day 7: Asahiyama Zoo & Asahikawa Snow Festival

Day 8: Sapporo

Day 9: Abashiri

Day 10: Kushiro

Day 11: Otaru


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