November 24, 2007

Our hotel was 2 blogs away from a host club, and also right across the street from a love motel, so we couldn’t help giggling when seeing a couple walking out of there in the morning as we left the hotel xD

Grabbing a quick breakfast from a conbini, we then walked to Osaka station. Of course, I just had to take this picture again. It’s a part of my fangirl life! :P

Now, to Kyoto!

We got to Kyoto around 10am. Unfortunately, it was a long weekend (11/23 was Japan Labor Thanksgiving day ← labor day or thanksgiving day?), there’s a TON of people everywhere!

A-san and I were there earlier in May, so we got the map out and circled some neat spots for I-san and T-chan, and decided to take a bus to Kiyomizu Temple first. It should have been a nice and simple and smooth day, but it wasn’t! BAD CHOICE! First we had to wait in line for almost half an hour to get on the bus, not to mention those 3 shameless obaa-sans who cut in front of the line! duh~ Traffic was super duper bad! A 15-20 minute ride turned into a 45 minute ride of pain. Once we got there, there were sooooooo many people pushing their way up to the temple! Where were all these people coming from?! >”<

We walked around the lower area for a while. This maiko-san kindly let tourists take her pictures ^^ (or maybe she couldn’t run away fast enough xD)

Ticket was changed to Autumn version (last time I was there it was Spring, with sakura). Yes, I was dreaming about going there during other seasons to collect all versions ^^”

The view from the temple was gorgeous. And thank goodness the leaves were still red, no bloody stick hitting my head! YAY!

This was almost an identical shot of the previous one I took in May! Over-exposure like hell! XD

We walked around for a while, took more pictures then decided to leave Kiyomizu. BAD CHOICE #2!! Instead of staying here for the beautiful light-up in the evening, saving our time and energy, we left the temple to run around in the crowd and got nothing else accomplished for the rest of the day >”<

As I mentioned there were sooooo many people, it took us more than 20 minutes to get pushed by the crowd wave down the hill. Then, we couldn’t find a place to eat as it was packed everywhere! Eventually, we found a small ramen shop before starving to death. Itadakimasu~~

We thought our luck would be better after lunch so we decided to go to Kinkakuji Temple. Started by walking from Kiyomizu to Gion. (NOT a short walk no matter how I think about it) Because of the stupid local loop thing, we got to the wrong bus stop (but it has the same name!!), realized we’re in the wrong spot, so we crossed the street, then saw the bus we wanted was about to take a turn at another intersection. CRAP! RUN! Basically we ran about 5-6 blocks, crossed the street in front of the bus, then ran more on the street to get to that bus. We made it. Which was a proof of how unlucky we were! Had we not caught this bus, we’d probably go do something else more useful. Instead, we got stuck on this bus for 1.5 hours! ARGHHHHH!!!

By the time we reached Kinkakuji, it was pitch-dark. The place was closed!! T______T

Pissed and hungry beyond repair, we decided to go back to Osaka. No, the wait was not over, we had to wait in line for a bus for an hour!!!

Traffic was super bad. Most buses were packed, they could only take a few more passengers each time. And what pissed us off most was the bus we wanted, #101, an empty one, did not stop at the bus stop!!! The driver just looked at us and drove by! WTF?! 15 minutes later, they sent 3 empty buses out to pick us all up. And yes, to get stuck in traffic again.

Almost 2 hours later, we finally got back to Osaka station. We jumped at the first restaurant we saw. We talked about what happened and came to a conclusive statement: everything after this will be okay as it was only the second day of our group trip that was doomed to be a disaster *knocks on wood* (in 2006, it was a super foggy nightmare when we went to Hakone, and that was on the 2nd day too! LOL

And then, we went back to the oven. That was how this day ended ^^”


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