November 25, 2007

So long, oven room! LOL We checked out early in the morning, and headed to Osaka station to catch a train to Himeji.

I was scolded endlessly by I-san, who shared the room with me, for leaving behind my used undies, tank tops and socks at the hotel. Well, I actually packed 12 tank tops along with 12 sets of undies and 12 pairs of socks for this trip, and basically threw away one set everyday xD Hey, it’s the only way I could think of without having to do laundry. And it worked! Plus, they’re old stuff anyway~LOL

A little over an hour later, we dumped our stuff in a locker at Himeji station, then walked along Otemae-dori street heading to the castle. We made a quick stop at one tiny little coffee shop even though we already had breakfast. How could we not, look at these yummy cakes! :P~

Considered to be the most beautiful castle in Japan, Himeji Castle was built in early 1700’s, representing the highest achievement in Japanese castle architecture. Also, it was registered as the World Cultural Heritage in 1993 as the first cultural site in Japan.

My question is how often they have to clean and repaint this castle? It’s super bright white! like.. Gandalf the White! XDD

Powered by A-san’s mini tripod and my camera ;)

Through one of the tiny holes on the castle wall.

We went inside the castle, the architecture was very interesting. The Main Castle Keep seems to be 5 stories when you look from the outside, but it actually has 7, including basement. There’s a lot of hidden room (probably storage space), weapon racks and narrow and steep staircases.

Walking inside the castle, we had to wear the provided slippers and carry our own shoes in a plastic bag. Problem was wooden floor was quite slippery, especially when walking up and down the narrow stairs in over-sized slippers! Going up was okay, but going down was pretty scary! And I really wondered how those older people managed to climb up and down so fast?! LOL

I-san took this pix for me in one of the empty rooms in the castle. I really like it ^^

A-san told us to do this. Look familiar? *giggles* I-san was taller than me, so standing on a lower side of this slope step didn’t help my leverage!

Bonus of the day! Autumn Sakura!! I had no idea that sakura could bloom outside spring season!

♪ …You’re flower November~~~ ♪

Not enough space, I almost had to lie down on the ground. Think Camillo Villegas if you follow golf~ LOL

I told I-san to go sit in the hole between tree trunks, she did and she pretended to be asleep. While we took pictures of her, this dude came out of nowhere and asked if he could take a picture of I-san, sleeping in that hole xDD Creepy! We sure hoped as hell we wouldn’t see her on any weird internet site! LOL

We walked around for a while, there’s a lot of interesting educating stuff, like Stone Lantern Base from Himeyama Hill, 8 Crest Tiles of Himeji Castle, and Harakiri Maru (we even tried to picture how it happened, why they had a well in the middle of the quarter, etc ^^”)


And before we left the castle, we’ve got a chance to take a picture with Hime-sama and Shokun too! ;)

By the time we left the castle, most restaurants were closed for afternoon break already, so we decided to have a quick lunch at a small fair across the street from the castle. There’s some music thing going on. Oh dear, the singer was horribly off-tuned! -“- We split to go buy food and came back with pretty much the same stuff LOL

Next stop, Hiroshima~

Almost missed a shinkansen here as it was so packed on this last day of long weekend! We were waiting at car#1 non-reserved, and it was soooooooo packed that when the door open, some standing passengers got pushed out! CRAP!! The next train was about an hour away. What should we do? What should we do?!

Of course, we’re with a Super Girl! A-san grabbed her luggage and ran! HOLY!! We’re right at her heels this time since we didn’t want to be left behind while A-san slipped through the door at the end of car#3. *sweats*

We ended up standing all the way from Himeji to Hiroshima. What a pain! XD

At Hiroshima station, we took a streetcar to Ebisu-cho, checked in to the hotel, then went out for dinner. Target: Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki!! (I think it differs from other okonomiyaki because it has noodles? We walked a few blocks to Shintenchi Okonomimura, where we could find tons of Okonomiyaki places, packed inside 3-4 floors of the building. Not having any particular one in mind, we just picked the one with smiling ojiisan and obaasan and started ordering!

Everything disappeared in no time! LOL Super YUMMY~

We walked passed a host club on our way back to the hotel, LOTS of hosts were standing up front, with a numbered tag on their chests LOL Oh man, every single one of them looked the same! Attack of the clones!! Johnny’s style hairdo, fluffy golden red head, white face, blah blah, only not good looking, you get the picture xD

Nice cozy tiny hotel room, no more oven! YAY!


2 Responses to [Japan 2007/2] Himeji Castle

  1. simone says:

    Your trip is similar to one I took this April, except for going to Shikoku after Hiroshima rather than Kyushu. But your pictures are better! Really gorgeous!

  2. naughtiest says:

    Thank you! I’m so glad you like my pictures. I’d never been to Kyushu before, but I bet the weather in April would be really nice right? I wish I could go there during spring time too ^^

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