Anyone thought I ditched this travelogue already? *raises hands* LOL Seriously, I didn’t think I’d finish it at all until I saw some pictures from Enbujou-Love pamphlet. Tono~~~~~~ *purrs* what an inspiration! ^__^

November 26, 2007

Checking out in the morning, we headed back to Hiroshima station to dump our luggage in a locker before hopping onto a JR Sanyo line to Miyajima-guchi. There, we caught a ferry to our destination! The weather was quite gloomy and foggy but cleared up once we got there ^^

Less than an hour way from Hiroshima station by train and ferry, Miyajima is the site of Itsukushima Shrine, with the famous vermilion shrine gate (torii).

According to this World Heritage sign, the shrine was built in 593, but expanded to its current scale in 1168 by Taira no Kiyomori, in a Shinden Zukuri style, a disticntive style of architecture in which the buildings appear to float on the surface of the sea.

Miyajima is a cute town, with a nice blending combination of past and present world.

One of Miyajima’s landmark, giant wooden spoon. It was believed that the wooden spoon used to serve cooked rice without impairing the taste was invented by a monk who lived in this island (wiki told me xD). Anyway, keep this spoon in mind as it’s a very popular souvenir from this island.

I-san and I were at it again LOL I confess, I almost got whacked because I couldn’t stop laughing every single time I had to look I-san in the eyes. I-san, on the other hand, was the best at poker face and she could make any kind of expressions (or lack of) you wanted to see. I swear she’s that good!! I’ll prove it!! xD

Momiji Manju (willow leaf shaped cakes) are the specialties of Miyajima. A-san took us to one of the stores where they deep-fried Momiji Manju. OMG! sooooooooo GOOOOOOD! Very crispy outside, soft inside with either custard or red bean paste in the middle. *drools* There’s a lot of pens and magic markers on the table, A-san said something about postcards, but I didn’t hear her entire statement as I was busy setting up a tripod for group picture. Wrong move… keep this in mind along with the wooden spoon earlier…^^”

Around the shrine area, deer population were considered to be divine messengers of Itsukushima shrine. But I wonder if I was looking at the suspect who ate Tsubasa’s manager-san’s map? LOL

or this one? xD

For handicapped only *runs*

Itsukushima shrine was very bright, there’s no way you’re in there and feel gloomy. The orange color will brighten everything up ^^ (according to A-san, they will clean and repaint the shrine every either 5 or 10 years, the most recent paint job was done 2-3 years ago)

We were so lucky to witness this full-blown traditional wedding at Miyajima! The bride was really pretty. I got goosebumps watching this ceremony. A-san said it probably cost at least ¥300,000,000 o_O;

Along with the ceremony, we got to see a very special feature of Miyajima, Bugaku, a sacred shrine music and dancing, which was introduced to Miyajima by Kiyomori. The dance was used in religious ceremonies and on court occasions. Miyajima is one of the very few places outside the Imperial Palace where Bugaku is presented in its authentic form! SUPER LUCKY!!! ^___^

I-san tried to line up some ichou leaves on the bench so she could take pictures, however, by the time she’s done, a naughty deer came to eat her leaves LOL Also, I was holding a bottle of fruit juice in one hand while taking T-chan picture, next thing I knew, my hand was wet! That damn deer was trying to drink out of the bottle in my hand!!!! xD

Too bad, we had to head back to the mainland as we had a shinkansen to catch, so we couldn’t stay for the light up, it seemed to be very pretty ne~

On the way back to the ferry terminal, we walked passed a post office, and stopped by some souvenir shops. I went inside one store, came out to find A-san was glaring at I-san and T-chan. Before hearing anything further, I saw a wooden spoon postcard, so I grabbed it and said “oooh this is such a cute idea!!”

Bad comment.

A-san flipped on spot. LOL Turned out, she was telling us about these spoon-shaped postcard back when we were eating Momiji Manju, but no one paid attention to her. And when she pointed out the post office, we were just nodding. xD A-san wasn’t really pissed at us, so it was funny how she complained and how we tried to make up to her, which involved a lot of ‘love love kiss kiss chu chu’ statements. We ended up buying those postcards, but it’s too far to go back to the post office, so we bought some stamps at the ferry terminal instead. Not sure how much it would take to send back home as it’s heavier than regular postcard, we decided to send them all to A-san’s place. Each spoon had hilarious comments from all of us. I ran back to a postbox, took a quick picture as the ferry was arriving, before dropping them off so we can get Miyajima postmarks.

A-san was probably still blurred from all the cracks, instead of buying a JR ferry ticket, she bought a ticket for Miyajima Matsudai Kisen ferry. xD I-san, T-chan and I had JR Pass so the three of us went together on one ferry, and A-san went the other way ^^” We reached Hiroshima first, so we lined up waiting for A-san. When she walked off the ferry, we start bowing and saying sumimasen non stop. LOL

Alright, here we go. Hell was about to break loose. LOL We got back to Hiroshima station early, so we decided to go shopping for a while. You know, cosmetics shopping could be long… ^^” That Maquillage obaa-san managed to drain $$ from I-san and me along with TIME! (she called me shiroimono, btw, LOL) By the time she let us go, we had less than 20 minutes left. So what?


LOL we ran to get our luggage out of the lockers then ran all the way to the gate. Flashing our ticket/JR Pass at a lightening speed. A-san led the pack, running all the way to the escalator, followed (not so) closely by me, T-chan and I-san (who opted to be the last as T-chan tended to stop running and needed some push xD). We could hear the bell rang once we got on the escalator, uh oh, our train zoomed in already! A-san was trying to run up the escalator! Holy WWE Tough Enough Girl! We were like, urrr uh uh noooooo xD

T-chan’s comment: If you run anymore, I’m not gonna go with you!

The shinkansen was already there when we reached the platform. With the last portion of our reserved energy, we rushed again to the door and jumped in! *phews* Even before catching our breath, we started joking about this day on the train. LOL

Changing train at Fukuoka, we hopped on Tsubame Express to Kumamoto.

BTW, I’d never known that they sold souvenirs of trains. Hail to Japanese and their world class marketing techniques! LOL

We took a cab to A-san’s apartment. Haul our butts up to the 3rd floor, our small carry-ons fitted easily in her bedroom! YAY! Debating where to go for dinner, we ended up walking to isakaya place closed to A-san’s. Nope, we didn’t get drunk LOL

After that, we walked to a nearby supermarket to get some food and drinks before heading back to A-san’s apartment.

Four girls in one room, it took quite a while for us to go to sleep that night xD


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