A-san & T-chan, read slower!!! And whenever I finish this travelogue, you guys will have to start writing in Thai!!! I’m gonna bug the life out of you!! XDD

November 27, 2007

We woke up early to get ready with our backpacks. Today, A-san’s sempai, K-san, offered to drive us to Kurokawa Onsen, and we’d spend a night at a ryokan there! Also, K-san decided to give us a little tour to Kumamoto area. Arigatou, K-san!

But before we even woke up that morning, I-san sneakingly took this picture.

ROFL! I-san was the first to wake up since she ran out of space to sleep, and she couldn’t get under A-san’s bed as our stuff blocked her way. It was so hilarious the way she explained about it which reminded me of when she almost strangled herself last year in a hotel in Ueno area. We couldn’t get the heater to work and it was damn cold, so I-san used an extra bed sheet to cover her head, but it turned into a knot during the night and she almost couldn’t breathe by the time I woke her up! XDD

Anyway, back to our current trip!

We headed to Aso city, about 30 miles away from Kumamoto city. Our first stop was Aso Farm Village. Aso area was famous for its dairy products, so this village was equipped with tons of cows LOL

A farm girl at work~ XD

The cutest thing had to be the hotel itself, about 300+ cottages, all came in cow udder shape LOL This hotel also has open-aired hot spring and swimming pool.

Okay, when I mentioned I-san could make any kind of expressions, I meant ‘expressionless’ as well. We started this since last year when I-san tried to imitate a Korean writer who basically couldn’t smile but liked to make cute poses. I laughed my butt off every single time she did this. xD

No! I didn’t actually touch that girl! LOL This sculpture actually reminded me of this one at Hakone station.

We walked around the village, visited it’s liquor store and found this offensive Buddha-head container!! It’s been confirmed, at least in my own tiny little world, that Japanese has no religion ^^”

We then left for the symbol of Kumamoto prefecture, Mount Aso or Aso-san. It is the largest active volcano in Japan and is among the largest in the world. On the way up to its peak, we stopped by at this viewpoint and saw this very nice poster of Aso-san.

But in reality, Aso-san wasn’t that green! What a huge difference!! XD

We climbed through the locked barb wire fence to take some pictures. I-san ripped her (sister’s) jacket during this process ^^”

K-san refused to go in with us but took our pictures from outside the fence. He also kept his car running in case the police came. LOL Once we’re done taking pictures, he took us up a bit more to the next photo spot.

Half-way up to Aso-san, the weather was getting worse, very very foggy, so we decided: it’s time for lunch break! The gathering of meat lovers. All gone in 60 seconds! nah, I’m kidding, it’s a little longer than that!~ LOL

Exotic I-san wanted to eat something different though. And in fact, Aso was famous for horse (and its meat). Outside this restaurant area, there’s a rent-a-horse farm of some sort, where you can go ride them. I sure hoped as hell I-san didn’t eat one of their relatives ^^”

The thing that excited me most about this lunch break was that I found some ume! LOL My ume story started off with my relatives came over to visit and they brought with them this ume from Japan. It tasted so good and my family loved it. So when I went to Japan in May, it was on my to-buy list. And it had to be this particular brand. However, A-san and I couldn’t find it anywhere. We looked and looked and looked for it, but no luck. I failed my mission in May.

So when I walked into the gift shop of this small rest area and saw a bunch of these ume bags lying around, I scramed XDD You have no idea how happy I was, of all the places, I found it here in the (sort of) middle of nowhere! LOL

Aso-san consist of 5 peaks. The highest one, Takadake, is about 5,300′ above the sea level. However, we went to Nakadake, which is still active.

Electronic warning sign about sulfur level. Just ignore other colors and pay attention to red sign. If it blinks, run like hell! LOL

At Nakadake peak, we could see huge steam clouds coming up from the grayish green lake about 300 feet below. It was a very chilly day, so we felt pretty nice being up there, the smoke warmed us up, but the scent was such a killer.

We spent a little bit more time up there, before K-san drove us to Kurokawa Onsen about 1.5 hours away~


I-san, T-chan and I slept all the way from Aso-san to Kurokawa Onsen LOL A-san took pictures of us as an evidence, awfully ebil v__v;

Anyway, Kurokawa Onsen is a very popular onsen village located near Aso-san, still in Kumamoto prefecture but very very close to the border of Oita prefecture. There are more than 20 ryokan on quaint narrow little streets, which are surrounded by beautiful mountains in Aso region.

When we first talked about this trip, ryokan came up as a biggest request from I-san. At first, we were thinking about a ryokan at Miyajima, but it’s freakingly expensive, so that plan dropped off and Kurokawa arose! LOL

K-san dropped us off after making sure that we’d be okay by ourselves. We then hauled our backpacks down a very narrow stone stairs to our place for the night.

We stayed at Okyakuya Ryokan, which, according to A-san, is the cheapest one in town that was still available when she booked this trip LOL Hey, no complained. I really liked its cozy atmosphere of our momiji room. ^^

We checked in to our room. The attendant let us pick our dinner time. Once in our room, we changed into yukata they provided and ran downstairs to the onsen right away XD

Okyakuya had 3 bathrooms, for male, for female and for both. Oops. LOL well, I mean, there’s one big room that would alternate daily between male and female guests. We’re lucky that the day we arrived, that big room belonged to girls ;)

And in case you want to know how to properly enjoy your onsen experience ^^

So, we hit the regular girl’s room to wash ourselves first. Umm, after quite a few onsen experiences together last year, being naked in front of them was pretty.. simple xD *runs* There’s a small indoor bathroom, where we could wash and dip ourselves, then we moved on to the open-air one. After playing around for a while, we left this room and went to the other bathroom, 30-40 feet away.

This alternate bathroom was really cool, it had a slope floor, so we could either stand, sit or lie down! I was moving from place to place every 30 seconds, because I couldn’t breathe so I had to get up and move around XDD

After that, we went back to the main bathroom to wash off. Even though it’s getting darker out there, we still had some time left before our dinner, we went out to walk around the village for a bit.

Right next door to our ryokan was the very expensive one, Fujiya, approx~ ¥40,000 a night.

A-san told us that the yukata for each ryokan would be different, that’s how they could tell who’s staying at which place… Some yukata looked really really nice and shiny (and no wonder the fabric for our yukata was so thin… LOL) Also some ryokan were linked to each other.. like if you’re staying at the more expensive ryokan, you could also come to use the facilities at the cheaper ones. Sounds like a good deal, eh? ^^

It was getting colder and colder, so we walked back to our room. A few minutes before dinner time, the attendant came to lead us down to the dining area.

We were spoiled rotten! Look at all the food! *purrs* SOOOOOOOOOO incredibly yummy!!

The attendant left us alone after delivering our sake, and told us to use a house phone to call her once we’re done, so she could bring us dessert. By the time we finished our dinner (and by ‘finished’, I meant everything was gone! LOL), we were so full, so they delivered the dessert to our room instead.

Once we got back to our room, the futon were already out, but it’s not bedtime yet. LOL Perfect crack combination from last year at Abashiri returned! Throw a video camera on top of futon, yukata, camera and four nuts! You get the picture~ LOL Last year we were just taking pictures and trying to molest each other, but this year, we added some plots to it XDD

I put a bunch of pictures in a manga format, to tell our story since they’re way too many to attached to this post! Douzo!


After that, we had that yogurt dessert along with sake. I-san and I went down for another hot bath, before we came back to our room and passed out.


4 Responses to [Japan 2007/2] Mt. Aso & Kurokawa Onsen

  1. t-chan says:

    It’s damn funny and quite scary every time I look at these photos! How could we do such thing…hahaha ^^

  2. naughtiest says:

    crazy, huh? especially the last page!! I couldn’t stop laughing whenever I looked at these photos! LOL

  3. A-san says:

    ขำอ่ะ ทำไปได้ ฮา

    ตรงนี้ผิดอ่ะ วายซัง

    A-san, T-chan and I slept all the way from Aso-san to Kurokawa Onsen

    เราไม่ได้หลับน้า ต้อง I-san ต่างหากที่หลับ ฮา

  4. naughtiest says:

    นั่นดิ ทำไปได้งัยฟะ ไม่เข้าใจตัวเองจริงๆ ฮา ไปแก้แระ ขอบคุณจ้า ^^

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