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November 28, 2007

Next morning, we woke up early to hit the onsen. The attendant came to lead us down to breakfast around 8am. Once again, we were spoiled but not as rotten as last night dinner ^^

After breakfast, we went back to our room to pack and checked out. We left our backpacks at the ryokan to go walk around the village before our bus arrived.

Kurokawa was a cute town with narrow streets and tiny little shops along with all ryokan. The town itself gave a warm and relaxing feeling. Perfect vacation spot! ^^

Foot onsen!

Finally, we came back to our ryokan to collect our stuff, waved goodbye to Kurokawa village, and walked to Kurokawaonsen bus stop. Uphill! XDD

oh boy, 0.5 mile up this steep hill was nastier than I thought. By the time we reached the bus stop, we needed another hot bath already!

We took a bus to a small local station, then caught a train back to Kumamoto City.

I-san and I were sitting in priority seating area (the train was empty, but we wanted to sit facing each other ^^”). Once A-san mentioned about it, I-san immediately snugged her Kipling backpack inside her sweater so she could look pregnant, what a dork! XDD

We got back to Kumamoto around mid afternoon. Starving to death, we jumped at a nearby family restaurant for late lunch.

Our next stop after feeding ourselves was Kumamoto Castle. Statue of Kato Kiyomasa greeted us first when we reached the area. The castle was constructed by Lord Kiyomasa back in 1607.

We should have learned long ago when A-san said that ‘it’s a short walk’. Apparently, her short walk this time, when I looked at the map later on, was almost 2 miles away! *faints* We kept saying ‘samuiiiiiiii’… ‘omoiiiiiiiiiii’ all the way as the weather was getting colder and our backpacks were getting heavier and heavier the longer we walked.

Eventually, we arrived at the main entrance of the castle as we saw this castle guard ;)

The admission fee for that day was 1/2 off, so we thought maybe it was late in the afternoon already. Lucky!

However, we then realized the reason for the discount. The main castle was undergoing construction, so we couldn’t get inside at all! >”<

It was a debate back at A-san’s lab whether this Kumamoto Castle or Himeji Castle was more beautiful. Since we couldn’t see the entire castle here, it’s hard to tell. *pouts* Anyway, I think its architecture and design was quite fascinating too ne, with tons of murder holes to protect the castle along with sloping style walls.

We took turns taking pictures at the foot of the wall. Knowing me, I couldn’t resist the temptation, so when it’s my turn, I started climbing xD Turned out to be a good idea ne~

We then left Kumamoto Castle, went shopping for a short while and headed back to A-san’s place.

what about dinner? I’m pretty sure we weren’t starved to death that night.. A-san, what did we eat?! Thanks ja, T-chan!

We went out to dinner at a kaiten sushi place, a couple blocks away from A-san’s. Grabbing a few plates from the conveyor belt, we then realized that it’s too slow, so A-san started ordering stuff instead LOL One thing I really like was they have a boiling water tab at each table, so we could just make tea by ourselves, unlike here, where we had to ask for more water.

We kept adding more and more plates to our stacks. I probably ate at least 3-4 plates of amaebi sushi alone. Yummy! :P~

After dinner, we walked over to a ¥100 store across the street, then went back to A-san’s apartment and … zzZzzzZzz….

November 30, 2007

A-san had to go to work, so she planned for us to go to Nagasaki by ourselves.

Well, we woke up late, got lazy, so we decided to stay in Kumamoto ^^” T-chan was looking for some kids stuff for her nephew, so we went shopping for a bit before having our lunch at a family restaurant nearby. On the way back, I finally got to eat Mos Burger’s chicken nuggets (A-san’s been telling me about it since day 1 xD). Not knowing that we could order it by piece, we got a whole box of 5 giant chicken nuggets! LOL We ended up at the strip mall across the street from the sushi place, and got stuck in a cosmetic store (just like Sephora).. for hours! ^^”

A-san gave us a call when she’s done with work around 5pm and we’re still in that evil cosmetic place!

That night, A-san took us to a bento place to order some bento boxes for dinner *__* They had so many pretty-looking yummy things on their menu, I had a hard time making a choice! XD We also stopped by 7-eleven to get some oden (7-11 has the best oden compared to other conbini, according to A-san LOL) before heading back to A-san’s apartment for the big dinner! ^^


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  1. t-chan says:

    Sushi bar or something like that, isn’t it?

  2. naughtiest says:

    oooh that’s right, the conveyor belt sushi thingy! xD Thanks ja!

  3. A-san says:


  4. naughtiest says:

    LOL samuiiiii นี่คำฮิตของทริปนี้เลยนะ A-san~ ;)
    ปีหน้าไปกันอีกเหอะ ฮา

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