November 30, 2007

After a lazy day of doing nothing but shopping and eating, A-san kicked us out of her door early in the morning. So we said goodbye to the lime green apartment ‘gakuseikan BLUE sky’ and had to survive by ourselves until A-san came join us in Fukuoka after work.

We took a cab to the station then caught an express train to Fukuoka. As usual, without A-san, we were overwhelmed with sense of uncertainties LOL We had to triple-check directions, especially when we’re waiting at a small platform where they didn’t clearly tell where on earth this train was heading to ^^”

About 1.5 hours later, we reached JR Hakata station in Fukuoka safe and sound. Our hotel was about 5 minutes away from the station, so we walked there to drop our stuff off. I also asked frontdesk-san about Marine World. He was so nice, trying to explain to us how to get there.

We walked back to the station and were drawn to a bakery close to the entrance on spot, oooooh it smelled soooooooo good! XD After that, I went to asked for direction again at the customer service booth (yup, a part of our triple-checking process LOL). With a readable map in hands (aka map in English), we took a JR Kagoshima Line to Kashii station, then changed to JR Kashii Line, heading to Uminonakamichi. Overall, it took about 40-45 minutes, including transfer. From there, it’s only a short walk to Marine World, which offers a wide variety of exhibits on marine life of Tsushima Current flowing past Japan.

We purchased our tickets, got in, and realize that we missed the first dolphin show at 10:30pm for only a few minutes. The next show would begin around noon, so we walked around the facility to kill time.

Kitty-chan in bikinis!! LOL

We went downstairs to 1F level so we could see the bottom of the show pool (aka Underwater Dolphin Observation Passageway). Since the show was going on at that time, we could see dolphins gliding passed us all the time. These dolphins were so fast, my first few shots, I could only get a glimpse of their tails, or even worse, just water! LOL This is one thing about small P&S digital camera that bugs me, focus speed couldn’t be compared to SLR camera in this kind of situation ne ^^;

It took me quite a while to recognize their timings and snap the shot at the right moment ^^

One of my favorite shots ^^

We then moved around to other exhibits on 2nd floor.

An attempt to take a group picture without a tripod or a spot to set a camera. XD

I totally didn’t see him/her until T-chan pointed it out LOL

In this pool, we were allowed to touch starfish!

Panorama Large Tank was cool. There were 20+ species in this tank, including various kind of sharks. Some fish were even larger than a shark. It’s quite fascinating how all these species could stay together peacefully. Probably because they fed them well so they didn’t have to turn on each other? LOL

I-san’s favorite was that tiny lazy fish on top of the shark, it was attached to the shark upside down. I didn’t think it’s a pilot fish as it seemed too lazy to fight parasites for the shark xD

By the way, fish in this tank were soooooo chubby! Especially sharks, they’re so fat they need more exercise!! XDD

I took several clips with our commentaries, this one cracked me up the most so I uploaded it to [YouTube] for future reference ^^

We waited around for the Aqua Live Show. Diver-san came out with his video camera that linked to a giant screen/ He swam along with the fish, explaining about the population in this tank and answer questions during this underwater show.

But we didn’t understand Japanese. So we sat there and watched and came up with a murder plot in this closed tank with tons of witness for Diver-san. LOL Let’s say what if Diver-san all of the sudden dropped to the floor and stop moving? Or the well fed shark suddenly snapped and bit his head off? Or anchovy (that group of tiny fish) decided to attack Diver-san, and all that left of him were bones? *pets our imaginations* XD

Highlight of the day! Dolphin show! Well, I’ve been to SeaWorld before, so it wasn’t that exciting, but dolphins were cute anyway, they had the best smiling faces! ^^

There were 5 dolphins with 3 trainers. During the show, other trainers also brought out 2 very cute sea lions too.

After the show, we walked to the Tunnel Tank. It looked pretty huge on the pamphlet, but the real thing was probably about 6’W x 12’L LOL There was also another diver-san in there cleaning the tank. Chotto disappointed with the so-called tunnel, we just wandered around, looking at more fish in the tank.

I forgot to mention that being in an aquarium actually gave me a headache. Looking at stuff through the thick glass made me quite dizzy ne ^^”

Dust/Lint detector spot! Along this UV fluorescent walkway, my black wool coat looked pretty nasty I had to send it off to dry clean when I got back! XD

A-san gave us a call that she’s about to leave Kumamoto, so we left Marine World and headed back to Fukuoka to wait for A-san.

It was such a relieved feeling to see A-san again! We’re no longer feeling lost all the time~ LOL We walked back to the hotel to check in, and came out again for a very yummy dinner at one of the restaurant under Hakata station. Later, we went to Yodobashi store for camera shopping. Mission accomplished! I-san got a Canon camera she was looking for. A-san, who’s been using Sony for a long time, was impressed with my Fuji power during this trip, so she decided to get a new Fuji camera (which I really want!), and said that if the pictures didn’t come out right, she could now blame it on me! LOL

It’s getting too close to our last day, we’re all whining in unison that we didn’t want to go back to work, but oh well… ^^”


3 Responses to [Japan 2007/2] Marine World

  1. A-san says:

    เสียดาย ไม่ได้ไปด้วยน้า T-T

  2. naughtiest says:

    ต้องเริ่มวางแผนแล้ว A-san ปีหน้าไปไหนดี อยากไปเที่ยวด้วยกันอีกไวไว T-T

  3. A-san says:

    I-san ชวนไปจอร์แดนไง ^^

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