December 1, 2007

Of all the places we’ve been to during this trip, Dazaifu was the only spot A-san had never been to before! So, big YAY for today!! ^^

We left the hotel early in the morning to take a subway to Fukuoka (Tenjin) station. There, we caught a limited express train to Futsukaichi station and changed to a local line to Dazaifu.

Dazaifu, or City of Ancient Culture, was established for more than 1,300 years ago, as a place for government office to rule all of Kyushu for a long period of 500 years. There are numbers of historical sites which reflect to the ancient history of Dazaifu, including ruins of the Dazaifu itself, ruins of Mizuki, ruins of Onojo, Kanzeonji Temple, ruins of Chikuzen Kokubunji Temple and Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine.

Once we got to Dazaifu, we took a walk along Tenjin-sama street. There’s a bunch of cute little shops and food stalls. And it was also freezing cold! *shivers* A-san kept saying.. samuiiiii samuiiiiiiiii all the time xD

A-san and I-san started test-driving their shiny cameras for a while, before we crossed the bridge to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, a sacred place in memory of Michizane Sugawara, also known as ‘the god of learning’. In 901 A.D., Michizane was suddenly demoted from his position as Minister of the Right and sent to work at Dazaifu, where he died 2 years later. Tenmangu Shrine was built on the site of his grave.

The main hall was constructed in 1591 A.D. and is registered as an Important Cultural Property.

Tenmang’s history is recalled by events such as the New Year’s Exorcism Fire Festival (Oni-sube), the Spring Water Poetry Festival (kyokusui-no-en), and the Annual God-Procession Festival (jinko-shiki) which takes place in Fall.

An attempt at group picture xD

Komyozenji Temple wowed me. The temple was built in the Kamakura period in connection with the “Tenjin-Crossing-Over-To-China” legend. There was a belief in the Middle Ages (I kept typing this ‘Middle Earth’ ^^”) that the “Tenjin” Deity had gone to Tang China to study Zen.

This temple is famous for its two gardens: one represents an artificial land and sea using moss and white pebbles, and the other has several stone arranged in the shape of Chinese character “光” or “light”, which refers to the halo of the Buddha. Very gorgeous during the fall season.

Random tourist shot. LOL

Me wants this giant Jiji!!

On the way back to Fukuoka, I-san’s got a new friend xD

We stopped for a quick lunch at a tiny restaurant, then A-san took me to Fukuoka Johnny’s shop. Yes, we had to rush back from Dazaifu because I wanted to go buy T&T photos! LOL

After that, we did a mini shopping, then went back to our hotel to get our luggage. A-san kicked us off to catch a shinkansen to Osaka at Hakata station, while she went back to shop at Tenjin station! A-san, we wanted to go with you too!! XD

I-san, T-chan and I arrived at Shinosaka safe and sound, checked into our hotel room and left to Shinsaibashi for food. Sadly, it was quite late already, most food stands were closed, including this takoyaki stand!!! ><” When am I gonna get to eat this thing?! ARGHHHH!! I refused to have other takoyaki, so we ended up bought our dinner at that 7-eleven in the back. LOL

We walked around for a while, got A-san a present, before heading back to our hotel. On the way to Namba station, we witnessed a mini fight! A bicycle dude hit a drunk man ^^” It wasn’t a big hit, the bike dude stopped to ask if that drunk dude was okay. But the drunk dude wasn’t gonna reply, he just jumped at the bike dude and punched him o_O” Luckily, a friend of the drunk man stopped him, and told the bike dude to go.. oh boy, domestic violence! ^^;

Once we’re back in our hotel room, I started packing as I had to leave early in the morning for Tokyo and realized that my luggage was getting heavier, so I tried to get rid of some weight.. and the fastest way was to tear off those magazines and kept only T&T pages. LOL I-san was like, why didn’t you just keep them all and sell it? oh well, I don’t wanna haul any KT non-T&T stuff with me yo! xD

At this point, we’re all whining nonstop about how we really really didn’t want to go back to work. It was kinda depressing as we all knew that A-san would be going back home in a few months and this might be our last Japan trip together (as if there won’t be any other place for us to go! LOL).


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  1. A-san says:

    ก็มันหนาวจริงๆ อ่ะน้า


  2. naughtiest says:

    แดงเหมือนเลือดเลยป่ะ A-san? ฮา หนาวจนต้องซื้อหมวกเลยดูดิ๊ เอิ๊กๆ

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