December 2, 2007

Survival time!

I took off quite early in the morning, waking up I-san and T-chan in the process. :P From Shinosaka, I caught a shinkansen to Shinyokohama. It was a very nice day, weather was clear and warm. And YAY! I got to see Fuji-san again!

A little closer.

An attempt at self portrait! xDD

4 hours later, I arrived at Shinyokohama. I went to my hotel to leave my stuff with the front desk as check-in time was a few hours away. So I took off and headed over to Shibuya! ^^ Thanks to Mich’s and Ribi’s directions, I didn’t get lost! YAY!

There was a huge silver star x’mas tree out front.

Ok, truth is, JFC is much smaller than I’d ever imagined! XDD oh man, it’s fully packed with noisy fangirls I could hardly walk! LOL

Nevertheless, this was what greeted me when I walked into the place ♥

Takki’s scariest Santa and his almond-shaped eye reindeer ;) BTW, since when did reindeer eat apples? xD

And the cutest Christmas message from Tsubasa! What else could I say, it’s just lovely! ^^

Let’s take a look at other messages ^^ Takki, please go take a look at Ohno’s reindeer and see how it should look like! XDD

I was there for almost an hour, to take a video clip of T&T VTR before I left JFC. Having some time to kill as my friend, Yuki-kun had an exam until 5, I decided to walk from Shibuya to Harajuku. It was an interesting walk, I got to see a lot of cute stuff along the way.

I poked my head into Takeshita dori, and realized it was a bad decision! Look at these crowd!! Once I got in, it’s like no way out, I couldn’t even make a turn!! LOL

Eventually, I slipped out, and met with Yuki. We then went to dinner at a Thai place in Harajuku area, soooooooo yummy!!!! Not that I complained about Japanese food as I loved it, but Thai food was much much tastier! ^^ After that, we went shopping afterwards, now I know where to find all those gothic style outfits! XD

We walked around for a big while, before I had to say goodbye to Yuki and go back to the hotel to check in. Yuki-kun, thank you so much for all your help!! m(_ _)m

December 3, 2007

Next morning, I got up seriously early, debating myself whether or not I should go to Harajuku again. But since I got all T&T shop and paparazzi photos I wanted already, I decided to go to Tokyo station for a mini shopping instead ^^” I left for Narita airport early to allow myself some time to go to the post office.

I-san, T-chan and I bought a copy of Enbujou DVD for A-san when we’re back in Osaka, so I went to the post office to ask for a bubble envelope. The obaa-san there was really helpful. On top of the DVD, I was also sending A-san an Enbujou postcard separately. So, I asked for some stamps. The obaa-san took a look at my postcard and went: Ah! Takki!! ROFL!! She giggled and poked the other obaa-san at the counter to take a look at the postcard, then turned back to me and said: kirei ne~ *nods nods nods* xD

Next, I went to buy some souvenirs. Bulky heavy stuff! I dragged my stuff to NWA counter, pulled my extra duffel bag out, and started splitting everything into 2 big piles. Of course, T&T shop photos remained in my backpack, untouched! XDD

After that, I went for a quick lunch, returned my rental cellphone, and went to the gate.

9 hours later, I was back in Seattle at 7:05am PST. Dad picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at home. I had a quick breakfast, took a shower and headed back to work around 9am.

Life was back to normal, once again.

That’s pretty much it for my second trip to Japan in 2007! Surprisingly enough, it took me less than 6 months to finish this travelogue, wow, that’s a new record! XD

Can’t wait to see where my next journey will take me to.



2 Responses to [Japan 2007/2] Johnnys Family Club, Shibuya

  1. A-san says:

    อยากลองไปบ้างอ่ะ ยังไม่เคยไปเลยนะ
    ว่าแต่ทักกี้เพี้ยนอ่ะ ฮา

  2. naughtiest says:

    ไม่มีอะไรเลยอ้อม ฮา เล็กมาก แคบมากกกกก ไปร้านลุงยังดีซะกว่า อย่างน้อยยังมีรูปให้ซื้อจนหมดตูด ฮา
    เพี้ยนแต่หล่อ ไม่มีความผิดเนอะ ;)

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