December 16-17, 2009

Travel day(s)

Free wi-fi at Sea-Tac airport was a trade off for a $3 bottle of Aquafina.

Everyone could now shop at the duty free shop. I guess the economy was that bad, they practically need all sales they could get..

OMG! LOL!! My friends and I always made fun of Seattle’s landmark, Space Needle, by calling it Space Noodle. And look what I found at the souvenir shop! ↓ XD

United Airlines, oh how I hate you. That United Plus thing was one mean business deal. I would never fall for it even though you kicked me to the second row from the back. *grumbles* Funny when they announced that there’s a spot in business class available for upgrade. Oiii, for $650, I could almost get another round trip tickets! umm not really, maybe just one way if I plan a trip during Christmas break again..

Rainy Seattle was back, woot!

Encountered a few turbulence during the first few hours of the flight from Seattle to Tokyo. The plane was literally shaking. Oh yeah, tail end. I was grateful that of all the motion sickness I had, airsick wasn’t one of them.

District 9 was one f*cked up movie though.

And I fell asleep while watching The Time Traveler’s Wife, gotta ask my brother to blockbuster it when I get back to Seattle.

David Cook’s Come Back To Me was featured on in-flight Sirius XM Radio, it’s really nice to wake up to his voice :) (or should I say, dude, you wake me up!! LOL) btw, I did have my iPod with me

Food was so so. Note to self, don’t ever choose pasta ever again.

Japan sky was so pretty, but I was at aisle seat so I couldn’t take a picture of it T__T

And as much as I love traveling to Japan (aka, having Japan as my final destination), Narita Airport had the worst connecting/security checking/boarding process, seriously. I wasted an hour of my life standing in line.

They had one funny sign about liquid though (self: don’t forget to take a picture of it, no matter how sick and tired of standing you are on your way back). It said passenger was allowed only 1 bag (same as TSA 3-1-1) then they went on and said something about no other liquid was allowed on board including duty free items. umm, so why are they selling them at all? And who are they selling these stuff to?!

Well, not that it mattered anyway, as if I had time to shop when I had to run from security checkpoint to board the plane. tsk tsk.

Oh gosh, United. I’d better check the Skyline when I go back to work to see if you did order a bunch 787 Dreamliners. Your 747 was friggin’ old.

7 hours later, I finally arrived in Bangkok. Immigration was fast when meant I had to wait longer at the baggage claim. lol

My aunt and my uncle came to pick me up from the airport.

And finally I was home. ♥


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