December 18, 2009

Slightly jetlag, I went to bed around 3am, woke up at 5:30am to go to a (sorta) market at CU with my aunts.

OMG hNong+Poe milky icecream was so good!

Went to Healthland to have a Thai massage in the morning. Damn painful. It’s like the day after going to the gym for the first time kind of pain. Overall, it’s a good pain though (and no, I’m not into S&M kinda thing! LOL)

My aunt dragged me out of the house before I fell asleep standing. Fighting a jetlag wasn’t easy yo! We went to Siam Square and I somehow ended up getting a haircut. I looked very Korean-ish that I practically freaked out for a good while.

pFoo came to pick me up later in the afternoon (well, actually I walked out to meet her at Bangkok Bank since she got totally stuck in traffic). We went back to her office for a bit and left for Asanee-Wasan’s Rak Ther Sa Mer (Love You Always) Concert.


HOLY ****!!

It took us forever (seriously) but we eventually arrived at Impact Arena. My brother’s friend, pAe+, came out to give us the tickets! Thank you Thank you Thank you so much ka’ pAe+++++ ♥

If you remember, my brother, sister and I went to Asanee & Wasan concert at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in 2008, ironically enough, a week after American Idol season 7 finale, HA! xD

pFoo and I totally had a blast! Asanee and Wasan were soooooooo friggin’ awesome! They probably sang 25-30 songs live (some were medleys since they have sooooo many hits!) I love their music! LOVE IT!!

I love how they’re always so awkward talking to the audience. That would never change. LOL

oh almost forgot, the concert was delayed for about an hour, I believed a VIP guest was the reason. I almost dozed off while waiting, but once the concert started, it’s like everyone was on Red Bulls! LOL

Asanee was a LinPing’s (a baby panda born in Thailand 7-8 months ago, and now has its own reality TV channel~) fan LOL

Wasan’s guitar solo during Loey Tarm Loey was friggin’ amazing. Like, different vibes but the same kind of epic as NFT’s, I’m not kidding.

Gah, they sang quite a few impromtu songs that I love so much~

btw, Marsha was there, she’s so pretty~

Throwing picks has been Asanee’s signature for the past 20-25 years. And I wasn’t talking about just one or two or ten as Asanee probably threw at least a thousand picks each concert! LOL Being on the 3rd level didn’t help much (oh how I wish I was in that pit~), but they did try to spread the love by having some crews throw them from up above. I was lucky enough to found two, so I gave one to pFoo as a souvenir~

BTW, speaking of picks, I still couldn’t figure it out. The yellow Dunlop pick I got from David Cook’s concert at the Pageant, whose pick was it?! The security dude gave it to me, so I didn’t know where it came from. I believed David’s has his name on it (unless he ran out?), Neal was too far away on the other side, and I didn’t see Andy toss anything, but I was busy receiving a drum stick from Kyle I might have missed it? Hail to the mystery birthday present I got! LOL

At the end, Asanee came out by himself to sing La Gorn (goodbye) with just a piano backing track, while the crew was clearing off the stage. So beautiful.

10,000+ fans.

We did sing along, from the beginning of the concert to very last note of the last song.

Yet another Asanee & Wasan concert to remember! Almost 3 hours of awesomeness. I hope they release a DVD soon~

Again, biggest THANKS to pAe+ for the tickets and pFoo for the ride~ I love you! ♥

It was almost midnight when I got back home. I quickly packed for my trip the next day and literally passed out. Woot!



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