I’ve always wanted to be a traveler.

As in, getting paid to travel. That’s my dream job ever since I was a kid. Brilliant mind, eh? I know. LOL

I wrote about my trip to Thailand and shared it with my friends on livejournal way back in 2005. They enjoyed seeing different cultures through some of my photos and short descriptions. And to my surprise, I really enjoyed doing it.

Diversity, indeed.

Eventually, I started snapping more photos during my trips, and I started writing more about them. A short descriptions finally turned into a detailed travelogue with a whole bunch of photos that dial-up should be warned.

I have a lot of fun recapping my journey.

Not only because I could share it with my friends, but also because it’s so rewarding to come back and relive these wonderful experience.

Hope you get some kickawesome fun out of this blog too! :)

BTW, photos and texts on this website belong to me, unless otherwise noted. Please do not take them without my permission. Thank you~

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