December 18, 2009

Slightly jetlag, I went to bed around 3am, woke up at 5:30am to go to a (sorta) market at CU with my aunts.

OMG hNong+Poe milky icecream was so good!

Went to Healthland to have a Thai massage in the morning. Damn painful. It’s like the day after going to the gym for the first time kind of pain. Overall, it’s a good pain though (and no, I’m not into S&M kinda thing! LOL)

My aunt dragged me out of the house before I fell asleep standing. Fighting a jetlag wasn’t easy yo! We went to Siam Square and I somehow ended up getting a haircut. I looked very Korean-ish that I practically freaked out for a good while.

pFoo came to pick me up later in the afternoon (well, actually I walked out to meet her at Bangkok Bank since she got totally stuck in traffic). We went back to her office for a bit and left for Asanee-Wasan’s Rak Ther Sa Mer (Love You Always) Concert.


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December 16-17, 2009

Travel day(s)

Free wi-fi at Sea-Tac airport was a trade off for a $3 bottle of Aquafina.

Everyone could now shop at the duty free shop. I guess the economy was that bad, they practically need all sales they could get..

OMG! LOL!! My friends and I always made fun of Seattle’s landmark, Space Needle, by calling it Space Noodle. And look what I found at the souvenir shop! ↓ XD

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December 12-16, 2008

My family was this close to disown me because of this trip LOL Basically, I got back to Thailand late late late night on 12/11 (aka 12/12 early morning), and I left for a trip with my friends on 12/12 in the afternoon. xD I did get to go to morning market and yummy all you can eat Vietnamese with my aunts and uncle before I left the house though. ;)

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Weeeheeee! I finally completed my travelogue for another trip to Japan in 2007!

When I first told people about this trip, everyone asked me why I would want to go to Japan when there’s no T&T activities. A-san, I-san and T-chan were the answer ^^ (plus it’s a proof that I do have a life! XDD) We joined force once again to create a fun-filled, super crack time together. It was superb!! And I escaped from being hit by a bunch of dried branches, kudos to the weird weather this year. LOL

Thanks girls, for such a wonderful memory! I hope to see you all again soon! m(_ _)m

Day 1-2: On the run, once again!

Day 3: Toyota City, Nagoya

Day 4: Nara

Day 5: Kyoto

Day 6: Himeji Castle

Day 7: Miyajima

Day 8: Mt. Aso & Kurokawa Onsen

Day 9: Kurokawa Onsen & Kumamoto Castle

Day 10: Being-a-lazy-bum day xD

Day 11: Marine World

Day 12: Dazaifu

Day 13: Johnnys Family Club, Shibuya

Day 14: Back to work!